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Fujifilm X-H1 rated Find out what our experts think of the brand-new X Series flagship. See page 32

First tests Get to grips with all the latest gear and find out if it deserves a place in your kitbag. Turn to page 36

Camera Club of the Year Round 5's winners and sinners revealed! See page 15

Make a difference New Canon report reveals how to shoot your most compelling images yet

Canon,inpartnershipwiththeWorldPress Photo organisation, has conducted some insightful research into how experienced photojournalists ‘get the shot’. So, what’s the difference between capturing a moment that challenges and changes perspectives – or missing out? According to the report, called ‘Visual Storytelling: Getting the Shot’, it comes down to a number of factors. The most important factor was planning; almost 95%of the photographers surveyed said preparation was paramount to capturing a perfect shot, which included fully researching the story and angle. The next most important factor according to the survey was reliable kit. 94% of the photographers said they need to eliminate any chance of malfunctions, which could ultimately result in missing themoment; intuitive, easy-to-use gearwas cited by 76% as key. Do these photojournalists know when they’ve got the shot? Over half of the respondents (56%) said they did, instantly recognising the feeling of success they get as soon they took the photo. Backing this up, Canon Ambassador and World Press Photo 2018 category award nominee, and two-time award winner, Giulio Di Sturco, said: “The moment you get the shot… You feel that everything in the frame is in the right place and importantly, you’ve captured the essence of the story.”

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So what is that essence? Over half (55%) of photographers said that ‘provoking a change in perspective on a topic or issue’ was the most important factor, followed closely by one that drives emotion (48%), and has a strong narrative (31%). Interestingly, these massively outweighed good composition with just (24%). The study also examined the future of photojournalism. 45% believed there will be growth in quality photojournalism led

by social media and the ease of sharing images and telling stories online. But while over half thought virtual reality (52%) and augmented reality (49%) would play a role in the future of the medium, only 47% of the photographers’ kitbags had so far expanded to include a broader range of kit beyond DSLRs, lenses and accessories. Would your clubmembers agree?

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