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Newlens and accessories Also available for the NX1…

n Professional flash ED-SEF580A With a powerful guide number of 58 and a host of professional-level features, the SEF580A helps to establish the NX1 as a serious professional tool. Naturally, it offers full TTL metering and features a high- speed sync mode for shutter speeds above 1/250sec, plus there’s also wireless functionality. The tilt and swivel head also zooms from 24 to 105mm, plus there’s manual power output variable from full power down to 1/256th output for impressive versatility. A multi-flash mode is provided for capturing several flash exposures at once, while the rear LCD keeps you fully informed of functions and settings. n Vertical grip Boosting battery performance and offering the same water-resistance as the NX1 camera, the vertical grip will be particularly worthy of consideration for portrait shooters as well as anyone who wants a better balanced camera when shooting upright. The grip features a second shutter button so handling is the same no matter which orientation the camera is held in, plus the extra space for a second battery (not included) means users can keep shooting for longer.

n 50-150mm F2.8 S ED OIS The perfect partner to the 16-50mm F2.8 S zoom, this weather-resistant optic is sure to prove popular with NX1 owners. Providing a 35mm equivalent focal length of 77- 231mm, its optical design includes four Extra Low Dispersion (ED) elements and an XHR element to reduce chromatic aberrations and maintain a bright maximum aperture without having to increase weight. The lens aperture features a nine blade diaphragm for attractive bokeh effects on out-of-focus highlights, while a user-customisable focus limiter ensures focusing speeds are as fast as possible. Camera shake is minimised by a powerful Optical Image Stabilizer, plus if you want to mount it on a tripod, there’s a tripod collar supplied as standard to cut down on lens mount strain.

The perfect partner… thisweather- resistant optic is sure to prove popular withNX1 owners, providing a 35mm equivalent focal length of 77-231mm



LEFT With a telezoom range equivalent of 77- 231mm, this weather- resistant lens benefits from built-in image stabilization, to avoid the dreaded shakes.

DISTANCE 0.7m (wide) 0.98m (tele) FILTER SIZE 72mm DIMENSIONS 81x154mm WEIGHT 915g



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