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ISO performance The NX1 is the first APS-C format camera to have a BSI sensor. The Backside Illumination sensor design helps to achieve high ISO performance with minimal noise. The images shown here are Raws and were processed using Lightroom 5.7 with no noise reduction or sharpness applied. The image quality is excellent and stays

ISO 100

ISO 800

ISO 1600

ISO 3200

impressively high until you get to ISO 2000 and above when the noise has more of an impact. Definitely no problem using the NX1 at ISO 3200 for critical purposes and I even made full-size A2 prints from ISO 6400 shots and the effect of noise, at normal viewing distances, was not an issue.


ISO 6400

ISO 12,800

ISO 25,600

ISO 51,200

High ISO noise reduction The NX1’s Adaptive Noise Reduction mode minimises the grain effect at high ISO speeds in JPEGs. These shots at ISO 12,800 were taken using Raw and super-fine JPEG image quality mode using a tripod-mounted NX1 fitted with an NX 16-50mm f/2-2.8 lens. The lens aperture was kept constant at f/8. A Raw file, processed in Lightroom5.7 with andwithout noise reduction applied for each speed, is shown as a comparison. For the ‘with NR’ image the Luminance slider was set at 25. In-camera NR is better than none at all, with Low being the best all-round setting where the grain effect is lessened without smudging too much fine detail. The High setting does a good job on noise but impacts on detail, which is fine when images are used small but less good for serious enlargements.


The verdict The Samsung NX1 is a serious launch for the company, a CSC with features aimed at experienced image-makers. The ability to shoot 28-megapixel images at 15fps and 4K video tells you that, plus its connectivity features and advanced AF system. So, how does it rate? I think very highly and I enjoyed its company. I shot more than 2000 landscapes, action and people images. Image quality is excellent and I have a pile of detail-rich A2 prints to prove it. I shot mostly with the two Premium S lenses, the 16-50mm f/2-2.8 and 50-150mm f/2.8, but the NX 10mm, 12- 24mm, 18-55mm and 50-200mm worked well too. Samsung’s first stabat a topCSC is very impressive. There are certainly plenty of pros, not many cons, and at £1300 body only it’s good value too. You have to budget for a lens or two and Samsung does offer a good choice – a few more premium lenses would be nice but they’re probably already on their way.

ISO 12,800 RAW


ISO 12,800 NONR




15fps, 28 megapixels, 205 focus points and 4K video – need anything else? PERFORMANCE 24/25 Image quality is impressive, especially at low/mid ISO settings HANDLING 23/25 No problems, a few minor handling niggles, more customisation options needed VALUE FOR MONEY 24/25 Body is an attractive price for the features on offer

ISO 12,800 LOWNR





Much to admire in Samsung’s first ‘serious’ CSC

PROS Image quality, 15fps, AF system , monitor quality CONS More control customisation options would be nice

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