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Get on a roll with Manfrotto BAGS OF ROOM

It’s nearly 2015, which means it’s time to start planning photo trips… and getting the right bag to carry your kit

of modern travel still require high levels of protection to ensure that your gear arrives at your destination in the same state that it left home. The Roller range is well catered for here, featuring both Manfrotto’s Camera Protection System (CPS) and Exo-Tough Construction. Both provide high levels of protection for your camera gear, not only from general bumps but also sharper impacts. This protection applies no matter how you have the bags’ internal compartments configured. These can easily be swapped and changed by rearranging the dividers, which are both interchangeable and flexible for ultimate versatility. Further protection is provided by the water- repellent fabric used in both bags’ construction and if the heavens really open, they also feature a fold-out rain protector that stretches over the whole bag for excellent levels of weatherproofing. The perfect travel companion Compact, portable and capable of carrying plenty of equipment, Manfrotto’s Roller bags make the ideal travel companion whether you’re going to the other side of the world, or staying closer to home. What’s more, they also feature external connections to attach a tripod, so you don’t need to leave anything at home when you head off on your next photo adventure.

Travelling with your camera is one of photography’s biggest pleasures, but it can also cause one of photography’s biggest headaches. Deciding which kit to take on your travels gives many of us sleepless nights, such is the fear of arriving in the perfect far-flung location only to discover that the vital lens/accessory/camera body has been left at home. Thankfully, Manfrotto is clearly aware of this dilemma and offers two roller bags to overcome these distressing symptoms of leftkitaphobia. Both the Roller 50 and Roller 70 cases swallow an impressive amount of gear and, crucially, comply with carry-on luggage dimensions for most airlines so you need never let your kit out of sight. Perfect portability As their names suggest, Manfrotto’s Roller bags feature two wheels and a telescopic handle for easy portability on the move. No more slinging a heavy, gear-laden gadget bag or backpack over your shoulder, just extend the handle and away you go! The Roller 70 is taller than the Roller 50, but both models can accommodate a similar level of equipment, which is sure to keep even the gear hoarders amongst you well sated. Expect them to comfortably house two pro-sized DSLR bodies, four or five lenses, a couple of hotshoe flashguns and miscellaneous accessories. They also feature a laptop compartment (again, taller in the Roller 70) and a dedicated space for a tablet so you can be sure of carrying everything you need for the perfect photo shoot. Total protection Being able to keep kit with you at all times does mean that it’ll stay well clear of the notorious airport baggage handlers, but the rigours

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