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Benro Benro produces an excellent range of square and circular filters, as well as holders, with 100mm, 150mm and 170mm options. The latter two are designed for very wide-angle lenses. For example, the Benro FH150 holder has dedicated versions to fit models like the Nikon 14- 24mm f/2.8G and Sigma 12-24mm f/4, as well as others.

Breakthrough Filters Breakthrough Filters is a new name on the block and it’s being backed by some of the most well-known names in landscape photography, such as David Clapp. Check out the Breakthrough Filter Starter kit, which comes with an X100 filter holder, adapter ring, 2-stop hard grad (100x150mm), 3-stop ND (100x100mm), X4 CPL filter, a case and a cloth, for approx £350.

Gobe Gobe is a company that puts an emphasis on sustainability, as well as top-quality optical gear, including planting trees based on its product sales. Its filter range includes screw-on UV, circular polarisers, and NDs, with sizes between 40.5mm and 95mm, as well as square filters. There are some neat kits that come with multiple filters and accessories based on your skill level or how you’re going to use them.

Haida Haida makes a spectacular range of filters, including the usual circular and square types, as well as slot-in rear filters and models for drones. One of its top products for DSLRs and CSCs is the M10 100mm slot-in filter system. With this holder, you can add a circular polarising filter behind the main slots, which makes it easier to use when Haida’s filters are slotted in.

Hoya Filters Hoya will be a name that’s well known to most photographers – and with good reason, as it has been making great- quality glass since the 1940s. Recently, it released a new range of ProND filters using low-profile aluminium frames, with strengths running from ND2 to an astonishing ND100,000, and coming in screw-on sizes from 49mm to 82mm.

K&F Concept Founded in 2011 with an emphasis on design, research, manufacturing and marketing of photographic accessories, K&F Concept produces a huge range of superbly engineered filters, including screw-on and square filters, as well as holders. Check out the K&F’s UV filters. With excellent optical quality and a low-profile design, it’ll protect your front element from as little as £12.99.

Kood Another of the big names in filters is Kood, which produces almost any type of filter you can think of, backed up by decades of engineering excellence. Check out one of Kood’s great-value kits where you can get a 77mm ultra slim multi- coated UV filter, a circular polarising filter, an ND8 filter and a set of four stackable close-up filters for under £50.

Lee Filters There’s no doubting Lee Filters’ place at the forefront of photographic filters, and the company’s models are beloved by landscapers the world over. There’s a massive product range, but one of the latest is the LEE85 Filter System, engineered for photographers with smaller bodied cameras and lenses who need to travel light, but without compromising on quality.

Nisi Nisi makes high-quality photo equipment and filters, which are celebrated by pro photographers across the globe. Its filter holders are well known for their build and practicality, and one of the latest models is the compact V6 holder. This machined aluminium model takes up to three 100mm filters and comes with a polarising filter and lots of accessories.

Novo Novo makes a broad range of top-quality filters, including UVs, polarisers, variable NDs and fixed NDs. All of its filters use nano multi-coatings to provide scratch, oil and water resistance and have ultra-slim aluminium frames. Check out the Novo Excel Pro Circular polariser, which comes in fits from 40.5mm to 105mm and gives great results at an affordable price.

PolarPro PolarPro makes a range of photo gear, including filters for a variety of cameras, phones and drones. Its QuartzLine filters are made of 99.9% pure fused-quartz glass for massive durability and great optical clarity. QuartzLine models are available as UVs, circular polariser, full NDs up to ND100,000 and ND/polariser combos all the way up to ND1000.

SRB Filters The Bedfordshire-based master of

engineering, SRB has been tooling filters for well over 50 years, and its extensive range of glass and adapters shows it. One of its most popular models is the Elite Filter Holder, thanks to its low weight and easy use. It comes in Regular, Lite and Nano versions – all of which are great value for money.

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