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Panasonic offers stress-freevlogging The Lumix G100 is aimed at content creators and


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vloggers and it boasts an advanced audio recording system for top quality results

The stats are compelling: YouTube has over one billion users, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched each day and more than 72 hours of content are uploaded every minute and, according to Panasonic’s research, over 60% of photographers want to do more video. The Lumix G100 body has a Micro Four Thirds 20.3 megapixel sensor with a top ISO of 25,600 and features an optical/electronic hybrid image stabiliser to help deliver smooth, hand held footage while walking, plus there’s innovation in the audio department for better sound quality from the integral microphone. The Lumix G100 is the world’s first mirrorless camera to feature an OZO Audio by Nokia sound system. This employs three internal microphones that link up with the camera’s face recognition feature to adjust the recording range and the direction according to the speaker’s movement and position. It automatically switches to the best sound mode for the situation, which includes sound pick up from behind the camera if the shooter is narrating on what’s happening in front of the camera. The G100 is rich in other features to make vlogging stress-free. Selfie mode starts up automatically when the rotating monitor is turned to face forward, there’s face detect AF and AE and depth-of-field automatically increases.

In use, a red frame shows to indicate recording and there’s a coloured frame marker to assist when shooting in different aspect ratios for various social media platforms – vertical format shooting is detected too. Video is available in 4K and Full HD, although 4K is cropped. Full HD allows a new S&Q (Slow/ quick motion) mode. Slow motion in Full HD is possible at 4x and 2x and Quick motion is possible at 2x/4x/8x the latter at 3fps. The Lumix G100 is available from the end of July at £589.99 for body only, £679.99 for 12- 32mm lens kit, and £719.99 for 12-32mm lens and tripod grip kit. Launched with the G100 is the DME-SHGR1 grip kit which is priced at £89.99 but buy the G100 body or lens kit before 31 August and you can redeem one for free. Panasonic also added to its L-mount lens collection with the 20-60mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom, a compact, lightweight standard lens. Stocks are due to arrive late July and it’s priced at £619.

Welcome to our third issue of Photography News produced under the stress of lockdown. Yes, the situation for many of is easing but it’s still incredibly tough for everyone, but we at PN continue to fight on, so huge thanks to our supporters and of course to all our readers. My photography has lost some momentum recently which is ironic given the easing situation. At the start of the lockdown I think many of us got swept along with the photo opportunities in our living rooms and gardens and found there was rich previously untapped potential. For me, the middle of the lockdown period was incredibly fruitful and I was averaging several hundred shots, literally, every day. Now, I’ve run empty and I’m in a mini barren spell. This is as far as image capture is concerned, because I have still been productive. I’ve been editing and printing pictures and have also spent many hours trawling through previous years’ catalogues and deleting the dross, and there’s plenty of it. That has been useful for two reasons. I’ve freed up many gigabytes (actually, almost 1TB!) of storage on my hard drives and I have found quite a few gems too, most of which I had not rated or even given a second look – until now. So, perversely, although I haven't taken many frames I have never the less produced a quite a few images I’m happy with. One or two, in fact, I’m seriously happy with. We do indeed live in unprecedented times. The PN editorial team – myself, Roger Payne and Kingsley Singleton - were recording the PN podcast the other day and we stumbled upon the notion of Desert Island Photo Kit. The idea is based (err, obviously) on BBC Radio 4’s wonderful, very long standing programme, Desert Island Discs where guests select their eight most meaningful music

tracks, nominate their favourite and pick a book and a luxury. I’d love to be on Desert Island Discs but that ambition is unlikely to come to pass, so the idea of Desert Island Photo Kit has great personal appeal and a chance to daydream. I know it’s flexing the spirit of the challenge a little (a lot!) but I think we should assume our mythical island has power, running water, a computer set-up and there’s plenty of memory cards, paper and film available, so we can focus just on image capture kit. First off, I need a camera and lens and I’m going for a Fujifilm GFX 50R with a 32-64mm f/4 lens, a combo I bought soon after it came out. I love its output and I’d be happy being stranded with it. My third and fourth items are a Gitzo Systematic Series 4 GT4533LS carbon tripod and an Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1g+ ball head because a solid set-up is essential for what I aim to shoot, which brings me to item five. I want the best star tracker I can find – the Fornax 10 LighTrack II maybe – because with no light pollution on the island I’m going to shoot the heavens. For the rest of my selections, and for those of Kingsley and Roger, you’re going to have to listen to our next podcast, available on our website,, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Spotify. Please feel free to join in the desert island challenge. Pick your eight items with a line explaining your choices, choose your favourite must-have item and book and luxury, and send an email to podcast@ There’s the chance that you’ll get name-checked on our podcast and the most imaginative/interesting/ downright bizarre could win a little prize (but no promises!). This is, after all, just for fun. We see you again next month, so take care.

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