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›  Guide price £915 ›  LCD panel type IPS technology ›  Panel size 31.5in/80cm diagonal ›  Effective viewing area 69.7x39.2cm ›  Aspect ratio 16:9 ›  Optimum resolution 3840x2160 at 60Hz ›  Picture enhancement SmartImage ›  Display colours Colour support 1.07 billion colours ›  Colour gamut sRGB 108%, Adobe RGB 87% ›  Connectivity 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, DisplayPort out (Clone mode), 2 x HMDI 2.0, 1 x USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 (upstream, power delivery up to 65W), 4 x USB 3.1 (downstream with 1 x fast charge) ›  Webcam 2-megapixel FHD camera with microphone and LED indicator (for Windows 10 Hello) ›  Built-in speakers 2 x 3W ›  Dimensions 71.5x63.6x24.6cm with stand (max height) ›  Weight 10.63kg with stand Contact

Great pictures deserve to be shown on a great display, and the Philips 329P9H is a top-performing 32-inch UltraClear 4Kmonitor that has all the latest features and technology a discerning photographer demands. Let’s take a closer look

MAKE THE COMMITMENT of buying a high-megapixel camera and the latest lenses, and you’ll want to enjoy the results on a monitor capable of showing off your shots in their full glory. The Philips 329P9H is a fully featured monitor giving super impressive, incredibly detailed 3840x2160 images in outstanding colour on its 32-inch screen. Its high performance is thanks to IPS technology, so you get high-quality viewing from almost any angle, together with colour accuracy and consistent brightness, making this screen ideal for photographic use. Furthermore, there’s a built-in USB-C dock so you can connect your peripherals, including laptops and tablets, enjoy the screen’s performance and stay powered up. Investing in a quality monitor is a serious business and you not only expect a top performance and value for money, but you also want a monitor that’s going to give years of reliable service and boasts user- friendly features, too. The Philips 329P9H is a solid unit and comes supplied with a Smart Ergo Base that simply locks on to the back of the screen via a 100x100mm VESA-compatible mount and swivels, even allowing the screen to be used in upright format, tilt and a height adjustment of 18cm. The screen comes with a pair of built-in three-watt output speakers, a two-megapixel webcam with Windows Hello facial recognition capability and wide range of connectivity options. A selection of connection leads,

including USB-C, HDMI and DisplayPort leads, come supplied. The rest of set-up is just as easy. There’s a simple-to-navigate on- screen display (OSD) that works in combination with an array of five push buttons placed on the rear of the monitor housing, and there are plenty of set-up options, including some excellent user convenience features. Multiview allows you to hook up a laptop and a desktop computer and have the screens showing side by side; there’s PowerSensor, which uses an infrared sensor to detect whether you’re sitting in front of the monitor and reduces power consumption by up to 80% if no one is detected; and there’s LightSensor, Philips’ intelligent feature that adjusts the screen brightness depending on the room light conditions. For delivering an optimum image, the 329P9H offers SmartImage, a leading-edge Philips technology that features presets that adjust the brightness, contrast, colour and sharpness of the display in real

ABOVE There’s an impressive array of connection options, including a DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and one USB-C with power delivery up to 65W

time and work whether you are word processing, viewing images or watching a video. The SmartImage profile in the Photo preset considers colour saturation, dynamic contrast and sharpness enhancement to show still photographs in great clarity and with vibrant colours. Another factor that assists the screen and gives impressive viewing images is SmartContrast, another unique Philips technology. This

analyses images and adjusts the contrast ratio to give crisp, clear images when, for example, the subject is against a dark background. SUMMARY For this feature, a wide range of image subject types were checked out on the monitor, from sunsets, blue sky landscapes and people shots, to low-contrast indoor shots and night scenes, in colour and black & white. The Philips 329P9H delivered on all counts, regardless of the lighting scenario; highlights staying clear, deep shadows showing detail where detail was present, and colours looking clean and nicely saturated. The screen’s UltraClear 4K resolution showed off high- resolution images beautifully and proved a boon during editing, too, when working critically on small areas of a magnified images. To sum up, the Philips 329P9H is a top-flight monitor and definitely a great pleasure to use.

ABOVE To the right and around the back of the screen are five push buttons to control the monitor and navigate the menu. Although you can’t see the buttons from the front, an on- screen display appears to guide you, so you can operate them by touch

LEFT There are plenty of user set-up options, including SmartContrast and SmartImage, a Philip’s technology that analyses what’s on-screen and dynamically enhances the image in real time

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