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What’s your origin story? I’m Avner Vilan, Arti AR CEO. Arti AR was established by a team of innovative visionaries with expertise in broadcasting, SaaS and augmented reality. Its vision was to transform the way we communicate over video by democratising the AR tech available only for high-end broadcasters. Arti began its journey in broadcast, where AR is traditionally scarce because of its costly hardware and need for professional design teams. This simple, cloud-based solution enabled the introduction of AR to productions that could never dream to do so. First-tier networks such as BBC and CBS used Arti outside their main studios, and dozens of local networks introduced AR to make their newscast look top-tier. In 2022, Arti was nominated for an Emmy for outstanding technical achievement for doing AR from a moving race car in SRX Racing. What is the company working on right now? The challenge of AR technology lies in integrating 3D graphic elements with real-world environments. Existing market solutions are costly and require complex equipment. Exploiting advancement in AI, cloud computing and computer vision, Arti allows any company seeking to enhance its videos and viewer engagement to create broadcast-quality AR content and live video interaction with 3D graphics, within physical environments, as easily as creating a Powerpoint presentation. Our current focus is on enhancing UX and ease of use without compromising high-quality design. We aim to maintain a user-friendly platform while delivering top-notch AR designs that blend seamlessly with real-world surroundings, regardless of the broadcast location. What is the next step? Arti’s mission is to establish itself as the next gen of video presentations and become ‘the Powerpoint of AR.’ While we currently serve enterprise clients like Dropbox and Oracle, we are expanding our target market and developing a self-serve solution that will enable any business to create captivating AR content for a range of uses, including presentations, webinars, marketing, education and more. What one thing does the business need most? As pioneers in AR storytelling solutions, we seek to cultivate a dedicated community who champion the company’s innovation. Arti gives creative tools to advocates, who spread the word of AR magic and showcasing the advantages of AR in their videos, to generate 3X more viewer engagement. Learn more at Arti.AR.

Avner Vilan STARTED: 2019 COUNTRY: Israel


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