FEED Spring 2022 Newsletter



What’s next? Following the phenomenal growth of the business in the US market in 2021, Bopper wants to increase its presence there. We are currently closing a funding round, which will be used to increase sales coverage, marketing and product innovation. We have decided to allocate a portion of this to capital crowdfunding, so all members of our community can help power our mission and benefit from Bopper ’s growth. The product road map focuses on finding ways – either through technological innovations or music licensing best practices – to make it even easier and faster to find and license the right music. If you could have anything right now, what would that be? We would love to see more socially responsible brands pay attention to the source of the music they use. When it comes to brand content, we want them to make sure they are treating the artists fairly. Stock music is a $2 billion industry, but the artists supplying the products get the short end of the stick in its business model. Imagine shifting just a portion of it towards more sustainable music sources. Revenue from live performances is likely to be minimal in 2022, so this could help thousands of promising artists keep making a living in a healthier industry.

What’s your origin story? I am Gabriel Bouchard (far right), Bopper CEO. During the online ad and content boom of the late 2000s and early 2010s, our founder Phil Messier (right) saw the media landscape moving away from ‘all custom, all

the time.’ He knew that there must be a more convenient way to source music for advertising. The idea for Bopper was formed. The company started building in 2013. It’s value proposition simple, but transformative – to become the first and best platform that allows brand content producers to quickly find, and legally license, the best indie music. All while ensuring fair compensation for the artists. I came on board in late 2019 to help take Bopper to market. Knowing that the right piece of music can make a good ad into a great ad – and that advertisers will pay top dollar for a high-quality, sync-friendly sound – the team at Bopper set about creating a host of new tech that could search easily, price instantly and license pre- emptively. The technology is astounding, given that the discovery and contract phases of music licensing have traditionally taken days – or even weeks – of searching databases and navigating back-and-forth legal hoopla. Instead, Bopper offers a way to get high-quality tracks in minutes. What are you working on now? We have just launched Bopper Mobile, a fully featured mobile web version of our online platform. It allows on-the-move users to do everything sync-related from their phones. We are tailoring sync to every instance, to make the process of licensing music for campaigns – TV or social – into a one-click affair.


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