FEED Spring 2022 Newsletter


STEVE RUSSELL: Don’t bloat the initial launch. There are so many avenues you can go down with streaming – and working with various service providers: live, catch-up, linear, on demand. Monetisation with sponsorship, subscription or advertising. You can launch on all kinds of devices – phones, iPads, smart TVs and the web. As a service provider, we would support all of those possibilities. But as a NEAL ROMANEK: What is the biggest caution you would give to companies starting their own platforms?

VIKTOR UNDERWOOD: I agree, and would add: don’t hide content. Sometimes we are aware of a play channel, but nobody can access it; maybe there are no links on the website. If no one knows where to find your play channel, no one is going to watch it, and it’s not going to bring much value. If your videos are 11 clicks down on the government website, the audience aren’t getting the information they need.

customer with a need to launch something, don’t try too many

dimensions at once. Make sure not to overcomplicate your product, and then fall down through failing to get to market in the first place; or offering a convoluted set of features that end up creating a horrible experience for the consumer. Keep it simple and evolve over time. “IF NO ONE KNOWSWHERE TO FINDYOUR PLAY CHANNEL, NO ONE IS GOING TOWATCH IT”

NEAL ROMANEK: And what are the biggest words of encouragement you can offer?


VIKTOR UNDERWOOD: If you are working with live events and can convert that into VOD for viewers, the return on investment will be much greater. Consumers have high expectations about the standard of the VOD experience, but video quality doesn’t have to be the absolute highest. You can hold a virtual town hall sitting at your kitchen table, or press conferences via mobile. Make a start – create and publish videos. The impact you will see compared to text and image is tremendous. So, dare to start using video. STEVE RUSSELL: And it can be fun. So many aspects of life are tough right now, and so much of running a business is about dull things like finance and logistics. Getting entertainment experiences out to consumers is a wonderful thing.


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