FEED Spring 2022 Newsletter



What’s your origin story? My name is Jacquelle – and I am the CEO and founder of Fave. Growing up, I knew exactly what it meant to be a superfan: posters plastered everywhere, making my own merch, knowing

every single lyric and resonating so deeply with the message behind the art. However, I also felt like it was an oddly isolated experience. Then, when I was at Google working with YouTube creators every day, I could see that these fans still did not have a great online outlet to shine, connect with one another and get the most out of a fandom. I started Fave to change that, to give superfans a place to belong and truly build a community among themselves. What are you working on now? We’re currently taking a bunch of the learning from our beta to pour into a refined, snappier product experience – doubling down on what we saw hit best with people. We’re constantly talking with amazing artists and teams to explore which fandoms will be introduced to Fave next. More than anything, our team is closely listening to the people that are already invested in using Fave, to learn how we can make their experience better. What’s next? We’re excited to draw more focus and attention into recognising and rewarding fans for being amazing. We’ve seen how much they want to be seen and heard, not just by the artist of course,

but also by the community. We’re super excited for Fave to lean into this deeply – and empower fans to receive the recognition they deserve. If you could have anything right now, what would that be? We are passionate about seeing users on Fave become superstars in their own right. We want people to thrive together with their communities, exchange creativity within our marketplace and even make a living doing so – and feel like their needs and wants as a superfan are being realised in one place on Fave.


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