FEED Spring 2022 Newsletter

THE NEW CONTENT CONTINUUM As the media Words by Robert Szabo-Rowe, senior vice president, engineering & product management,The Switch

ive programming has been a mainstay of broadcaster content line-ups for decades. For good reason: the thrill and shared connection of watching a

Video Sport to YouTube channels, to NBA TV & League Pass coverage, to Twitch esport replays and Twitter highlights. This live-VOD content continuum raises exciting questions about how to maximise the value of media assets. CAPITALISING ON NEW TYPES OF PROGRAMMING It has become increasingly crucial for rightsholders to capture all of this content to get the most value from their assets. Audiences today use a number of platforms – with many viewers watching multiple live events simultaneously through highlights and clips. In fact, data from the analytical firm the Maru Group

landscape embraces streaming, social media and VOD, rightsholders can find value in their media assets beyond traditional TV

live sport or awards ceremony unites fans globally with a shared passion. Yet, the advent of OTT streaming services, the proliferation of social media highlights and availability of on-demand replays has made for a much richer TV landscape. Add in the online pre- and post-game shows, player profiles, data-driven gaming feeds, social media back- and-forth of sports figures and celebrities, backstage chit-chat, performances around entertainment events, with numerous forms of shoulder programming, and you create a somewhat exhaustive ‘content continuum’ of live and on- demand elements. Much of this content may start live, but it all eventually becomes video on demand. Indeed, the blurring of lines between live broadcast, catch- up TV, special streaming feeds and near real-time social media highlights is inherent to the multi-device, multi- platform world we now live in. The upshot is that what we define as VOD continues to broaden to include everything from Amazon Prime


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