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Material: Metal housing Power consumption: 36W Power supply: DC 15V/4A Battery: 4400mAh, 96-minute runtime at 100%, 3.5-hour charge time CRI/ TLCI: Average 97/98 Colour temperature: 2700-12,000K Brightness: 746 lux at 5600K, 1m/3.3ft SFX: 15 adjustable practical effects, ten pixel-based effects including hue loop, CCT loop, gradient, scrolling, flame, rainbow, driving Dimming: 0-100% Control: On-board, 2.4G wireless,

Bluetooth, wireless DMX I/O: USB-C for updates Dimensions (lxd): 114.5x43cm/45x1.7in Weight: 1600g/3.5lb

such as an estimate of the remaining battery life while power settings are adjusted. At full power, this can be up to 96 minutes – but at lower power settings, the runtime is longer. At 5600K daylight-balanced white light, it emits 746 lux at 1m – making it powerful enough for use as a main light when up close. However, at strong colour settings, the power output decreases significantly. With an average CRI of 97 and TLCI of 98, the lights are consistent and can adjust white from 2700-12,000K, with dimming from 0-100%. All these functions are controlled through the small OLED panel on the handle. Users can scroll through the main settings, including CCT for white light, HSI for adjusting hue, saturation and intensity settings, as well as various effects. We tested the £1095/$1099 twin tube kit, but multi-tube kits are also offered. A range of accessories are also available such as barn doors, eggcrate grids and an IP68-rated waterproof housing. The Nanlite Pavotube II 30XR twin kit gives you a lot of light for not a huge amount of money. It is versatile, has an abundance of uses and is easy to rig and adjust. PRO MOVIEMAKER RATING: 9/10 Second-generation tube lighting with full remote control Pros: Lightweight and great results Cons: Runtime could be longer at full power

TRUE BLUE The Pavotubes give a cool blue look to this car shoot (above). Connectors are for power and DMX, with

“The Nanlite Pavotube II 30XR twin kit is a lot of light for not a huge amount of money”

are exclusively controlled via the app, which connects wirelessly. Every pixel can be set to any colour, giving the user total control. While you may not frequently use these functions, having them built-in proves invaluable for those occasional shoots requiring a touch of creativity. For most of the time, the lights serve as reliable main or fill lights. When adjusting the tubes from built-in control buttons, an OLED screen provides useful information

The menu offers a fairly common selection of practical effects including police car, flash, welding, firework, explosion, bad bulb and disco, along with a hue or CCT loop. The lights’ ability to change colours along the entire length enhances the realism of these effects, surpassing many LEDs lacking pixel control. A second group of effects enables the setting of multiple colours, fades, scrolling colours and rainbow effects. Certain effects such as driving or fire

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