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Choose wisely and watch your project flourish. The right glass gives a unique touch, boosts handling and adds long-term value LENS WITH BENEFITS OPTIC VERVE WORDS ADAM DUCKWORTH

C ameras might come and go, but lenses can yield benefits that span decades, providing your work with a distinctive look to set yourself apart. While there can be advantages to using your camera manufacturer’s lenses for still photography, the landscape shifts significantly for filmmaking.

There is a massive selection of indie optics to choose between, from AF DSLR-style lenses to full-blown cine primes in mounts which fit mirrorless or cinema cameras. We study some choice picks from a wide range of independent lens makers and put them all through their paces.

Choosing independent-brand, third- party lenses opens up a whole world of superb-quality primes and zooms that give your work a unique look, are often designed for cinema use and, in some cases, have adjustable and replaceable mounts. So even if you do change camera brands, your glass can come with you.



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