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his latest collection of hand-woven wall carpets. With a passion for blending art and nature, these works are a testament to his deep emotional connection with the English landscape. Each carpet tells a story of rolling hills, serene meadows and tranquil waters, transporting us into this vivid world. We learn about Allen’s working-class upbringing, his early life in the family coal business before training as a dental technician, then enrolling on textiles courses at Camberwell and the Royal College of Art. Further afield is a film on one of the world’s top ceramicists, Anne Mette Hjortshøj, shot during a few days on the island of Bornholm in Denmark where she lives and works. With stunning vistas and a close look at her work and techniques, it’s well-shot and is a great


This class is the beating heart of paid client work. It’s for projects which have been commissioned by clients - from branded content to promotional videos or anything else in between. If you shoot for paying customers to help them promote their services and products, then this is the category to enter. It might be commercials, social media video, sales products, adverts or a package of various video-led media for a campaign.

“To a sensible English person, my life must look preposterous. I was – and maybe am – naive, gullible and clumsy, so I have acquired a lot of marks in my life, like my pots. These are the marks made when I come across life’s obstacles,” says Hirai. Great quotes like this makes Lewis’ work so engaging.

example of content that exposes the world of an artist to potential buyers. The latest film, which only came out in January, is Akiko Hirai: Mark of the Pot . The documentary looks at how Japanese artist Akiko Hirai left her home country for the UK and became one of the world’s leading potters.



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