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Hawk-Woods will flex its range of products, including batteries, chargers and power adapters – all essential for the production of television, film and digital media. Offering dependable power sources in the most demanding environments, advanced battery technologies like lithium- ion keep the wheels of the film industry turning. Look out for V-Lock batteries for the Arri Alexa 35, with multiple outputs and all the safety features, straight 26v with 20A output and drop resistance. It will also display its flagship floor battery, MXB-880, with dual voltage, multiple XLR outputs and only weighing 7.2kg. HAWK-WOODS Stand 413 Global Distribution can talk you through acquisition, storage, workflow and archive solutions every project needs. From camera recording media and peripherals, to on-set collaborative storage, secure asset archiving and media sharing through the cloud, the company provides a service to more than 70 countries worldwide. Check out the latest range of Lacie hard drive and SSD solutions – fast and reliable for use in the edit suite or on- set, as well as Seagate drives and Angelbird memory cards.

Stand 121 FUJIFILM

Fujifilm will be showing off its premium range of Fujinon lenses alongside the newest mirrorless digital cameras. For the first time in the UK, the HZK24-300mm PL mount zoom lens will be on hand. Also on the stand, find the full range of Premista series lenses. The industry-leading GFX100 II mirrorless will also be at the show, with its 102-million pixels. Also find the latest fifth-generation X Series camera, the X-H2S, with its open gate 6.2K shooting and ultra-low rolling shutter.

IDX/LIBEC Stand 358

GODOX Stand M001

IDX will be presenting its IPL Powerlink batteries and charging solutions with its unique D-Tap advanced, X-Tap socket and stacked charging. With batteries to suit everything from small cameras to large cinema cams, TV cameras and lights, IDX has a range of options. Libec will also showcase the HS-150MC tripod, the ideal solution to perfectly balance your mirrorless camera. Equipped with a continuous counterbalance range of 0.8 to 2kg and carbon-fibre legs, this is a rigid, lightweight, high-performance tripod weighing under 5kg.

Godox’s Knowled series stands as a testament to its commitment of elevating the standards of production. With lighting playing such a pivotal role in shaping narratives and evoking emotions, the Knowled cinematic lighting ecosystem has all the tools filmmakers need. From powerful COBs to panel tube lights and even hybrid fixtures that work for stills as well as movies, Godox has a huge range to discover. Holdan will highlight its complete range of kit from Samyang, Xeen, Studio Network Solutions, Kondor Blue and Orca to name just a few. But the star of the stand will be Atomos on-camera and cloud monitor/recorders and production monitors. The brand will focus on its Connect range of devices and the Adobe C2C workflow. The range of network-enabled monitor/recorder devices includes Zato Connect, Atomos Connect for Ninja V and Ninja V+ and Shogun Connect. HOLDAN Stand 127



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