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In a bundle of announcements, Atomos has expanded the popular Ninja line, rendering an existing model more appealing than ever. The original Ninja V has received the ability to handle the H.265 codec, while Apple ProRes Raw support continues to grow. The addition of the Ninja V+ and Ninja V+ Pro Kit is yet another indication of the increasing popularity of high-resolution workflows. Both record 8K and high frame rate footage in Raw, with the latter providing additional accessories to support SDI users. Much like its predecessor, the Ninja V+ offers a 1000-nit display for HDR monitoring that measures five inches. A built-in 3D LUT box function with custom LUTs is also present, while the Atom HDR processing engines for built-in Log-to-HDR transforms can be enabled. Atomos’ final announcement potentially signals the shape of what’s to come in a post-Covid production world. The Ninja Stream offers simultaneous recordings of ProRes and H.265/4 proxy with shared file names and timecode, while sending video feeds to other Ninja monitors, smart devices or web-based platforms. With Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, feeds can be shared at distances of up to 300m. USB-C provides closer transfer solutions.

FOUR MORE FOR ZEISS Emmy award-winning director of photography, Dana Gonzales

Zeiss has expanded its Supreme Prime Radiance line with a quartet of new focal lengths. The 18mm, 40mm, 65mm and 135mm lenses bring the range to 11 products in total, offering filmmakers more potential than ever. In keeping with the family’s other optics, the new foursome feature fast maximum T1.5 apertures, 46.3mm image circles for large format cine coverage, as well as uniform front diameters of 95mm and consistently positioned rings. The brand has also developed a new T* blue coating, offering distinctive and controllable flares, without sacrificing contrast or light transmission.

ASC, was among the first to deploy them. “I use quite a bit of diffusion. The primes remain very sharp with a soft fall-off, reminiscent of vintage lenses. The flares always feel right and not forced,” he comments. VFX workflows will also benefit, thanks to Zeiss eXtended Data (XD) metadata technology. With this, frame-by-frame data on lens vignetting and distortion is provided to the user. The new Zeiss Supreme Prime Radiance lenses are available for purchase now. Deliveries are set to commence in Q3, 2021.

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