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FAR RIGHT The large touchscreen has ample space for information

there’s a large crop in 120fps of 3.388x. The huge reach of the lens might work for wildlife, but at the ultimate expense of image quality. The camera is actually more at home in tandem with a tripod on a film set or in a studio, integrating perfectly with Blackmagic’s live broadcast and streaming ecosystem. On top of that, it has an inlet for mains power that takes a very secure push fitting. Dual-native ISO is useful in low light, while 13 stops of dynamic range are ideal for HDR. A full-size HDMI socket outputs clean 10-bit ProRes. There’s also a mini-XLR input for professional mics, built-in LUTs, plus timecode and zebra pattern for monitoring.

There is a punch-in focus button that zooms in on the scene, focusing precisely, plus a high frame rate button. Finally, there are menu and playback buttons. Most settings are adjusted using the clear and obvious touchscreen menu. You can also select preference of shutter speed or shutter angle – always the sign of a serious video device. When you hit record, all the information you need is positioned around the screen, or you can turn it off for a clear view. There are no waveforms, only a histogram. Once recording starts, you cannot fail to be impressed with the codec options available, as well as their quality. Blackmagic’s

Super 35 CMOS sensor boasts dual-native ISO, meaning it acts like two different sensors. One base setting of ISO 400 is great for lots of detail in bright light, while the other is based around ISO 3200, prioritising low noise. This camera records 6K resolution to a CFast card in Blackmagic’s own Raw format. It also captures 6K 2.4:1, 5.7K 17:9, C4K, 4K, 3.7K anamorphic and 2.8K 17:9. On top of that, you can record in 10-bit 4:2:2 in a range of ProRes settings, in C4K, 4K or FHD. The fastest frame rate is 60fps, but off-speed frame rates are possible. There is 120fps slow motion in 2.8K 17:9 Raw, or in HD ProRes scaled from 2.7K. Nonetheless,

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