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is a composite of all six views. If you were looking at six individual monitors, it could have undesirable effects in a helicopter that’s moving around. We tend to look at one master, then use that for exposure and master framing.” Choosing that frame has, perhaps, not always been as easy as it could be, because the controls for a helicopter camera mount have not generally been set up as a camera operator might expect. Oh explains: “Traditionally, these arrays are controlled by joystick. Your DOP can’t sit in the helicopter and operate the head, because they’re used to wheels. But we’re going to announce something in the coming weeks to get the head operating via wheels. Now, a DOP who’s used to operating on Russian Arms or Technocranes – with the traditional wheels – can sit inside our helicopter and operate the gimbal.” Even as the user interface becomes more familiar, though, one traditional responsibility of a cinematographer is often left on the ground, because few productions can realistically light

LEFT Jeremy Braben with HFS’s Typhon 6 Array, on location in

Svalbard for Black Widow

I’ve just modified the Alexa Mini to take Mini LFs. Then I have a three-camera Alexa Mini array and three-camera Red Weapon array.” Operating requires monitoring, which is slightly complicated. Some configurations simply place all six camera images in two rows on a monitor, but more sophisticated approaches are possible. Braben describes a system developed by array partners, Brownian Motion. “We have a stitch box allowing us to look at one image, which

downtown LA, and we developed the system we call ‘Hammerhead’, which is a three-camera array.” John Marzano is an aerial director of photography with a similarly glittering credit history, with work on The Northman , and television including Downton Abbey and Bridgerton . Those huge frames, Marzano confirms, have grown with the available camera equipment. “I have two different six-camera arrays,” he explains. “One for Red Weapon, one for Alexa Mini, and

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