FEED Issue 24


ACROSS 1. California data protection law dubbed ‘GDPR lite’ (p6) 4. Wristband for counting your steps towards good health (p29) 6. 3D immersive audio competitor to Dolby Atmos (p54) 7. Economics theorem that suggests greater efficiency leads to increased usage of resources rather than less (p63) 8. London-based education centre for youth in the arts (p12) 9. The first stereo audio technology for cinema, unveiled by Disney in 1940 (p55) 11. Natural history TV’s global superstar (p23) 13. California home of ambitious computer geeks (p29) 14. Sky’s ‘save the sea’ project (p11) DOWN 2. Bafta’s film & TV industry sustainability initiative (p24) 3. Edgar Allan PoE would have power over what? (p17) 5. Sound technique that creates an illusion of volume and real-world presence (p54) 10. Greenhouse gas with 30 times the warming power of CO2 (p23) 12. To develop engagement in an activity by incorporating elements like rewards and competition (p29)

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* Crossword answers use British English spelling

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