FEED Issue 24

START-UP ALLEY Media Distillery

Words by Ann-Marie Corvin

This month’s start-ups include a company capitalising on hyper-detailed customer research, a wildly successful short-film viewing platform, and a new live- streaming outfit


“The younger generation don’t care what content appears in which TV programme, or what channel it’s on. They just want to access information about subjects that interest them and consume it in bite-sized video chunks,” says Roland Sars, chief executive of Media Distillery. Helping to deliver a personalised, broadcast-quality version of YouTube to TV platforms (which some refer to as ‘linear on demand’, aka LoD) is a key use case for this Dutch start-up’s suite of AI-based tools . Founded over five years ago by Geert Vos and Joost de Wit, the firm started life as a spin-off of Netherlands-based research giant TNO.

HIGH SPIRITS Media Distillery’s CEO Roland Sars joined the team in 2016

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