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Using AWS CloudFront, NativeWaves provided a harmonised multiscreen experience of the MotoGP races in Austria

t used to be that to see every single bit of sports action, you would have to attend the event in person – because when you

watch live sports at home, you’re only given the perspective that is provided by the host broadcaster. But, exclusively, fans of MotoGP in Austria can personalise their viewing experiences from a second screen app, powered by Austrian TV station, ServusTV. Fans can select multiple camera views from their mobile devices, which are perfectly synchronised across multiple screens. This includes something called ‘bike cam’, which provides a simulative view of the driver. Christof Haslauer, CTO at NativeWaves, the design company behind the app, says the app provides synchronised camera views by listening to the main broadcast on TV. “You can’t predict when a TV signal is going to reach a home. For some people, it’s distributed over satellite. For others, it’s distributed over cable or IPTV. And for everyone, it’s slightly differently delayed,” he says. “To measure this differing latency, we record a five-second sound bite of a TV’s audio via the app to know at which point to play the additional content effectively synchronised.” The additional content is material recorded by the host


broadcaster, but not necessarily shown in the main broadcast. Haslauer says: “We don’t touch the existing broadcaster chain; we just operate the additional feeds, which are either discarded or later used for highlights. It enables fans to choose their preferred

A BIKE’S EYE VIEW The NativeWaves app includes ‘bike cam’, which allows audiences to see from the driver’s perspective

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