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STREAMPUNK The Future of Media

The Brit School gets a new TV studio, kitted out with the latest Blackmagic gear to take students from home-made to high-end WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE CONCRETE JUNGLE, Words by Chelsea Fearnley

AIMING HIGH The new TV production suite at The Brit School has been fitted with Blackmagic gear, fully integrated for seamless learning

he neighbouring streets are unassuming, the local train station can get a little lively, and the nearest town is Croydon

unique in that sense, but also in the sense that we have a melting pot of creative disciplines within the school – because another myth is that you can only come here if you want to study music.” IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC A TV studio existed in the school before this new facility took its place. It powered creative projects, such as a magazine-style YouTube series affectionately called Brit Live, but limited students from producing and performing on the programmes within an authentic studio environment. Smith says: “The TV studio wanted refurbishing, and seeing the students put their energy into something like Brit Live gave us the reassurance that it was needed. It’s really engaging for them, obviously – they’re of the generation where YouTube is relevant to them.” He describes the format of the old TV studio as ‘portable,’ where kit was foraged from the school’s numerous creative departments and studios were fashioned on the spot. “We wanted to have a permanent set-up, where students could spend more time on coming up with artistic ideas and really polish the project, making it colourful, vibrant and interesting – as opposed to

(not known for its looks), yet this corner of London has fast become the heart of the British music industry. From the outside, The Brit School blends in with its industrial surroundings. Inside, however, there is a youthful sparkle and verve. Teenagers are acting and dancing in a state-of-the-art theatre, experimenting in the visual arts, broadcasting from their own radio station or making music in a digital studio designed by record producer, Sir George Martin. Last year, the school opened its ultra- modern video production facility to prepare young, emerging producers and filmmakers for life behind the scenes of film and TV. The facility is funded through YouTube Music’s partnership with The Brit Trust, a UK charity that is committed to The Brit School by a long-standing arrangement with The Department for Children, Schools and Families. It is the only non-fee-paying performing arts school in the UK, meaning anyone can audition to go there. “It’s a massive myth that The Brit School isn’t free to attend,” explains Andrew Smith, the organisation’s technical manager. “It’s

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