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AGENDA BSC EXPO PREVIEW EXPO IS GO! Evolution London’s BSC Expo marks the beginning of the

APUTURE Stand 117

With a reputation as an up-and- coming LED manufacturer with thousands of fans around the world, Aputure makes impressive lights at affordable prices. Founded in 2005 by a team of inspired filmmakers and videographers wanting to create high-quality content, Aputure is a fast-growing cinema technology company that’s designing and specialising in lighting and light modifiers. Look out for the LS 1200d Pro and Nova P600c LED lights. ARRI Stand 323 Arri will be showcasing its latest cameras and lighting, like the Arri Orbiter with new Orbiter Projection Optics 25° and 35°. The new Alexa 35 and Alexa Mini LF cameras will be on show with Arri Signature Prime and Signature Zoom lenses. Visit the booth and discover how vintage filmmaking techniques like dioptres can help you customise the look of Signature lenses. The most recent additions to Arri’s Camera Stabiliser System range, Trinity 2 and Artemis 2, will be available too. ARRI RENTAL Stand 418 Arri Rental is displaying its latest Heroes lens collection, comprising primes that allow instant detuning and T.One primes that retain contrast at T1.0, as well as a new fleet of Monochrome cameras covering 65mm, full-frame and Super 35 formats. From 16mm and Super 35 up to large format and 65mm with the Alexa 65, lens options include exclusive in-house optics, vintage glass rehoused in modern casings and state-of-the-art lenses from renowned manufacturers.

2023 show season B ritain’s flagship show for best cinematographers in the industry. Of course, it’s also an opportunity to check out lots of the latest equipment. From cameras and lenses to drones, lighting, rigs, software and everything you’d need to make your first – or next –blockbuster, BSC Expo is the place to be. It’s at Evolution London, a purpose-built events venue in the heart of Battersea Park. Easily accessible by rail and road, this is a highly convenient location to bring every level of the industry together. filmmakers, BSC Expo, is a place where students and those learning the ropes can pick the brains of the

The audience is made up of all parts of the production process – cameras, lighting, grip, DIT and post-production, together with the manufacturers and rental houses. And the event is networking-orientated, offering a great chance to meet associates and peers in a relaxed environment. There’s technical content and ever- popular seminars, in celebration of all things cinematography, film and TV. So, whether you’re interested in the latest gear, the greatest talks or simply doing some networking, you should get yourself down to Battersea Park. Register at . Now, let’s take a look at some exhibitors to check out.

ATOMOS Stand 127

Atomos will focus on its award- winning Connect range of devices and the Adobe Camera to Cloud (C2C) workflow. The Atomos range of network-enabled monitor/recorder devices includes Zato Connect, Atomos Connect for Ninja V and Ninja V+ and Shogun Connect. Used alongside Adobe’s powered C2C workflow, they allow

CAR-NIVAL TIME! From Mini-mounted arms to lighting and camera tech, BSC Expo has everything a filmmaking fan could want



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