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CHARGE FOR CHANGE Green Voltage has extended its range with a 20kW unit, continuing to support productions and the planet

ABOVE Adam Baker (left) and David Sinfield are bringing passion and ambition to the film industry

and powerful 20k E-Gen unit. Like the 2kW and 5kW VOLTstack E-Gens, the 20k E-Gen unit is completely emissions- free, silent and perfectly suited to all types of applications. “It’s already been on numerous large- scale productions and is the ideal solution for the provision of mobile power in remote and extreme locations. On one production still in progress, it powered the lights of an entire train carriage while moving,” says Baker. “It’s providing filmmakers with a whole new creative tool; and saving them money without them realising.” With a capacity for 60kW, the unit offers even greater quotas of robust, reliable power and is enough to keep productions powered throughout the day. “One of the most amazing things is that it can recharge to full in 2.5 hours, and is among the world’s fastest-charging mobile power stations.” Able to offset 140kg of CO2e per 10x hours of use, Green Voltage is leading the charge for change with its 20k E-Gen unit, while always looking for new and innovative ways to provide sustainable performance and help lower emissions. “We’re really pleased with the 20k E-Gen, but the game-changer will be the 200k by 600kWh,” says Baker. “We’ve already had some interest from studios in the UK, so watch this space!” The ever-popular 20k, 5k and 2k E-Gens are available to rent now.

market-leading E-Gen in North America to challenge the small generator market as a clean energy source that can be recharged from renewables. “We looked at its features and where it could be applied in the screen industry, because as well as being a sustainable source of power, it met our initial requirement for silent power,” says Baker. Within months, Green Voltage Ltd was born and a rental stock in the UK and Ireland was online and available, with Adam, Dave and Ben offering a personal, passionate and knowledgeable service. If you want to know what would be the perfect set-up for your operation, just give them a call. Baker and Sinfield had received the support of not only HoDs, but also Bafta’s Albert scheme. “That’s when big productions, like The Crown and No Time to Die , started to prick up their ears – Albert offers sustainability certifications and it’s important the industry is seen as being green,” explains Baker. On No Time to Die , ten 5k VOLTstacks were used to sustainably power units for scenes

Green Voltage is stepping up to address the screen industry’s environmental impact, with emissions-free batteries. According to Bafta, big-budget blockbusters produce 2840 tonnes of CO2e per production, though its impact is often underreported. “I was working on Wonder Woman 1984 with gaffer David Sinfield when I noticed the extent of the problem; huge gasoline generators were left to run idly all day,” explains Adam Baker, Green Voltage director. “Sinfield and I were already discussing options for silent power, and agreed that there must be a cleverer, more sustainable way to provide productions with energy.” Following extensive research, Dave and Adam joined forces with Ben Patience – who was part of the VOLTstack team based in Canada – to reconfigure and bring the first 230v 5k and 2k VOLTstacks to the UK. The VOLTstack was the

shot on location, without the need for generators – eliminating residential pollution. Green Voltage has worked tirelessly to expand its current range of E-Gen systems, with a more premium

LEFT With a full charge in under three hours, the units are not only silent, but emissions-free – and the way of the future


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