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NO-FUSS POWER BriteShot has shifted its attention to batteries, inventing a modular-based power system that allows creatives to focus on their craft ADVERTI SEMENT FEATURE | BR I TESHOT

ALTHOUGH THE QUOTE ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ is attributed to ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky (and Michael Scott to fans of The Office ), it’s a value echoed by BriteShot founder, Roy McDonald. From music biz to showbiz, McDonald went from producing records to editing for the screen, before engineering and founding BriteShot: the company that solved the industry’s lighting problem. “I spoke with a gaffer about how he lit a scene – he explained it came from many sources, depending on the look required by the DOP. I thought it was crazy that there wasn’t just one source for sunlight, beauty light and all the rest,” says McDonald. “So, I spent three years researching, and invented one that does everything.” The company’s Luminator LED light was a cut above the rest, taking Hollywood by storm back in 2012 – it dazzled even the most seasoned film and TV veterans. Now, many LEDs mimic its revolutionary built-in effects and changeable colour temperatures, so McDonald had to look for a new venture. “While lighting technology has definitely peaked, there’s always money coming in for our equipment. Last year was a completely different story; the industry had shut down and nobody was renting lights – our ideas needed a refocus. And we introduced an air filtration system that uses a combination of UVC lights, cold plasma, and particle coagulation to kill the Covid-19 virus. Someone could have the virus, be standing 3ft away, sneeze, and it would not affect me.” McDonald didn’t stop there. With vaccine rates on the up, and Hollywood booming once again, BriteShot has returned to its roots and created hot- swappable, lithium-ion, manganese phosphate battery packs to give the

RIGHT BriteShot is keeping the industry charged with its new energy solution, BritePower

industry continuous power. Suitably named BritePower, the modular-based system consists of a charger, 4kW AC to DC inverter and one 2.5kWh battery pack. Multiple packs can be connected simultaneously to extend energy capacity to more than 5kWh – or a battery can be charged as the other is in use. “Imagine you’ve got a Technocrane that suddenly loses its juice? It’s not only about getting powered up again, it’s an issue of reconfiguration, because they’re programmed to move in a particular way, depending on the scene. The ability to hot-swap means you never have to lose power, because one battery can remain in play while the other is charging,” explains McDonald. “And there’s no need to hang around by the battery to check on the power, because built-in Wi-Fi hotspots notify our app when they’re getting low.” Because of this configuration, the BritePower system eliminates the need for a generator, offering a greener, more versatile solution to power-production gear. “It can be used for anything, but it’s especially good for on-location jobs, where generators are brought in to power the equipment. These are more problematic because they require a permit, someone to operate them, and usually run on gasoline. With a battery, you don’t need anything,” says McDonald. “Our solution is flexible, dependable, mobile and more creative by design.”


“When we started using BriteShot’s new line of battery packs on Law & Order: SVU , it made our jobs easier. Setting up video village was a snap – no need for putt-putts – and it shortened wrap time by eliminating cable runs. Adding a few lights off in the distance? No problem. Need second unit to grab a shot? Send someone with the battery pack. With the cameras and LED lights now available, you can almost shoot your entire production with these packs. A new era!”


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