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CHELSEA FEARNLEY DEPUTY EDITOR Chelsea Fearnley WELCOME C ompared to some of the many fantastic film and TV professionals I talk to, I have not been in the industry long. However, I’ve been in it long enough to know there is a dark cloud dampening spirits. No, it’s not the smog – although industry-induced pollution is real and was addressed in our July 2021 issue. It’s the ever-growing strain on resource. There is a shortage of equipment and crew, and this is being felt across all areas of production. Every DOP, producer and gaffer I have connected with in the past two years has expressed concern about the demands the 2019 production boom and lockdown aftermath is having on their ability to thrive. So, I sat down with ScreenSkills, the industry body committed to delivering resource and training opportunities across the UK, to try and draw out some solutions our readers can look into. Also in this jam-packed issue, we spoil the shoot stories of two summer horrors, get the lowdown on the latest tech in batteries and broadcast, and answer the question: are high frame rates a good idea?




The latest news, views and hot tips from the world of video production. 07 LIGHTING THE HELLSCAPE Dungeon-like caverns, unsettling naturalism and baffling day-to-night transitions in The Conjuring 3 . DOP Annika Summerson discusses her descent into video nastiness for the giallo-inspired Censor . 19 NO LIGHTS, CAMERA, CREW 12 DIRTY WORK

Can high frame rate technology be cracked – and is it worth the pursuit? We talk to the professionals to see if it holds a place in the future of film. From stackables, to greener power and beefier capacities, discover the batteries with electrifying features. As the static camera becomes a thing of the past, broadcasters want modern tech for dynamic moving images. And there are certain brands making it happen.


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We look at how the industry is rebounding from the 2019 production boom and lockdown-induced drama binges.


COVER IMAGE The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it © Warner Bros. 2021

A showcase of the camera bodies currently revolutionising how we create digital images.


Arri Rental’s Andrew Prior talks diverse lenses and LED volume in our inaugural Rental Reports series.

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