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BELOW DOP Will J Carman relies on portable storage for a smooth shoot; the SSD X5 impressed him with its efficiency

“They get their rushes in less than 30 minutes and we can both invest that extra time elsewhere. It’s a great look professionally to exceed expectations.” Carman was delighted to find the Samsung portable drive equally impressive once the camera stopped rolling. “I’m no professional colourist, but I like to grade the rushes after a shoot to get a better feel for them. In this case, I was editing directly from the portable drive. “The rapid read speeds allow me to leave my laptop’s internal storage free – not having to make the additional transfer from drive to machine is a real time-saver. “The Raw files I shoot, like those on this film, are very demanding. Editing straight from a powerful external SSD is hugely beneficial in that sense. I can make quick edits, apply different looks, and have smooth playback with no issues.” As the first block of All Roads Lead to Home comes to an end, Carman has more than a thrilling career step to excite him. “The Portable SSD X5 has offered real peace of mind. It’s worked for me and the film, and it will dazzle commercial clients.” What’s not to love?

transferring the footage the moment we stop shooting, and by the time we’re packed down and ready to leave the location, our files are safely on the portable drive. Optional Password Protection via AES 256-bit Encryption offers further peace of mind.” To put some figures next to Carman’s experience, the Samsung Portable SSD X5 has read speeds of 2800MB/s and write speeds of up to 2300MB/s. All this is possible thanks to advanced Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and Samsung’s astonishing NVMe interface. “Those transfer speeds help when working with producers,” Carman adds.

“I love the design – like a futuristic supercar in hard drive form,” he enthuses. “The textured red underside makes it stand out in my kit bag, which is a hidden benefit.” QUICK CUTS During days on set and in-between, Carman has come to rely on the Samsung’s SSD X5 speed. “We’ve been shooting 4.6K Raw footage,” he says. “So we’re filling the 256GB card quite rapidly. Thankfully, all of that data can be offloaded in quick time. “It’s come in particularly useful during unit moves. We’ve been able to start


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