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DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor Introducing a new generation of fast editing by combining the cut page with a custom edit keyboard.

Intelligent Edit Modes Cut page editing functions are intelligent and take advantage of the speed of a keyboard. They use the ‘smart indicator’ in the timeline to work out where to insert, so you don’t always need to place in or out points to do an edit! Each time you edit, the cut page saves time by staying in the source tape. It’s much faster as you can keep browsing, throwing clips into the timeline! Sync Bin Multi-cam Editing The sync bin lets you do multi-cam editing by searching through all your media and showing you any matching clips to use as cutaways. It makes multi-cam editing fast! You can select cameras simply by pressing the number on the keyboard. Or you can hold down the camera number while spinning the search dial to paint the cutaway into the timeline directly! It’s so fast! DaVinci Resolve 17 ������������������������������������������������������������� Free DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 ������������������������������������������� £225 * DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor ����������������������������������� £225 *

DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor is designed in conjunction with the cut page to make editing dramatically faster. You get physical controls that make the experience faster than software only editing. The machined metal search dial with soft rubber coating allows accurate search and positioning of the timeline. Plus trim keys allow the search dial to be used for live trimming, which is faster and more accurate! Search Dial Control The search dial is very large and has a weighted feel so it can be spun fast to move up and down the timeline quickly. However the search dial is more than this, simply press one of the trim buttons and it transforms into a large adjustment knob for real time, precise trimming! You can select various trim modes with your left hand and adjust the trim with your right. Source Tape for Scrolling Clips In the old days, editing using videotape had the advantage of all media being on a tape that could be scrolled up and down so you could see all your shots! Now the cut page has a modern version of the videotape called ‘source tape’. Simply push the source button and use the search dial to scroll through all the media in your project! Plus, the current clip is highlighted live in the bin!

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