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“When you buy from MPB, rest assured it will not be a dud or a grey import” Panasonic and many other big brands. What makes MPB perfect for filmmakers is that it regularly has a big range of cinema cameras and camcorders from Canon, Red, Sony, Blackmagic, Panasonic and Arri, as well as cinema lenses. MPB also houses used stock of any other kit filmmakers need – from EVFs, monitors, tripods, sliders and gimbals to action cameras and drones. All from a retailer that’s highly rated on Trustpilot, with over 300,000 customers. The helpful and easy-to-navigate MPB website lists every item, with photos of the actual kit for sale. There is a detailed and honest description of the item’s condition and what it includes. 3. Performance guaranteed When you buy any equipment from MPB, rest assured it will not be a dud or grey import. Technical experts test each item based on 40 criteria to make sure it’s in reliable and working condition, and has the latest firmware installed. It’s then graded from ‘like new’ to ‘well used’ and individually photographed from every angle, so you can see the actual item for sale with your own eyes. Everything you buy comes with a free six-month warranty for peace of mind, as well as prices being typically 30% cheaper than new. Every bit of kit can be put to work straight away. 4. Trading in made easy While MPB is more than happy to supply fully tested and guaranteed equipment, it’s also the easiest way to recycle your old kit for cash or as a trade-in. Selling unwanted equipment privately is a real headache, as you spend hours taking photos, uploading it to auction sites, writing descriptions, sorting out postage fees and answering questions from potential buyers. There are costs on selling websites, more fees to cash-handling firms like Paypal,

NO WORRIES With MPB, you can be safe in the knowledge that all the kit has been thoroughly checked

then even more for couriers and insurance to give you some sort of protection. There’s the worry of being ripped off by dodgy buyers, and security concerns if they want to meet up to see the goods. It’s never a pleasure to haggle with buyers, either. Plus, they could come back months later and demand a refund. MPB takes all the stress out. Users get a good price quickly, with zero hassle. It’s safe, convenient and the modern way to make money from your old equipment. Moreover, it’s completely commitment- free. If you change your mind at any point, kit is shipped back at no charge. Selling to MPB is simple, thanks to a secure website with a free online valuation tool to get an instant quote. There is a huge database of prices for all major manufacturers and products, but if MPB doesn’t hold a listing for your particular item, one of the team will get in touch via email in a matter of days. Then, box up your gear and MPB will arrange a courier to collect it – fully insured and totally free. Once your kit is checked, you are sent a final price via email, after which cash is paid directly into your bank account. You don’t need the original receipt. If you are a VAT-registered business, MPB can do all the paperwork. 5. Creatives supporting fellow creatives MPB is staffed by people who live for making images and love the kit that does it. That’s why they are in an ideal place to help fellow creatives make the right equipment choices. Help is always on hand from friendly photographers and filmmakers in MPB’s operation centres in Brighton, Brooklyn and Berlin. As a lot of MPB’s stock is based around stills cameras and lenses, many of the staff are keen photographers. But with video continuing to expand at a great rate – and, of course, the crossover in hybrid shooters

and cameras that handle both – it’s only natural MPB has more moviemakers now than ever before. They are there to impart knowledge and help you buy exactly what you need, every time. They know the ins and outs of all the kit and are there to answer any questions with impartial, real-world advice. 6. Save money and recycle Choosing to buy used from MPB makes your money go further. So, when you need new gear, and maybe want to get rid of some existing kit, it makes sense to talk to experts at MPB. They can save you time, money and the stress that buying and selling pre-loved often brings. Get your dream set-up for a fraction of the new cost. Plus, your used equipment will help the next generation of creatives onto the ladder. It’s the modern way to recycle old kit.

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