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Kings of the Rode! The Aussie audio giant is crowned with two Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards D own Under sound specialist Rode has turned the audio world on its head by bagging two Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards for its small, but mighty Wireless GO II system and NTG5 shotgun mic.

For the second year running, the dual- channel Wireless GO II has come out on top. It’s the successor to Rode’s previous Wireless GO – the smallest and first truly cord-free microphone. Rode has upped the ante, incorporating the same unique form factor and professional sound quality as the original in this ultra-compact and versatile system. Listening to filmmakers’ demands for a compact solution that transmits two separate sound sources to one receiver, the dual-channel Wireless GO II was born. If you need a single sound source, it works just as well. Mono and stereo recording mean it’s possible to send each signal to particular channels, or mute each channel individually from the receiver. They come with integrated, broadcast-quality lavalier mics built-in, plus the capacity to plug in an external lav if you wish. Designed to deliver professional sound while being extremely simple to operate, the transmitters and receiver come auto-paired for rapid set-up every time. Onboard recording means each transmitter can capture seven hours

REIGNING CHAMPS The NTG5 XLR mic kit and Wireless GO II system might well be aimed at different audiences, but both have been voted winners in their own award categories

capsule, while a twist-and-lock furry windshield makes blustery conditions a breeze. With transmitters and receivers weighing less than 32g/0.07lb, they are light as well as small. The kit comes with its own carry case and a unique clip makes it easy to mount onto clothing, camera coldshoes, mobile camera rigs, boom poles or plenty of other accessories. It’s fully compatible with Rode Connect, a free podcasting and streaming software that ensures broadcasting and recording professional audio straight from your computer is a cinch. It’s a multifaceted powerhouse – no wonder this is our Gear of the Year award-winner. Rode also came up trumps with the ultra-lightweight NTG5 in the XLR mic category. A professional shotgun mic that handles the most demanding situations, this sleek unit can eliminate background noise entirely. Its revolutionary design uses circular acoustic perforations in place of linear slots, with more prominent audio transparency and uncoloured sound. That’s complemented by smooth off-axis response and incredibly low self-noise of around 10dBA. Extremely light at just 76g/0.16lb, the NTG5 delivers like no other. For a wireless system or high-quality XLR mic, Rode is the king.

of uncompressed audio to its internal memory as a backup. This is activated via the Rode Central app, which gives access to firmware updates and activation of a safety channel. Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption delivers a range of up to 200m/650ft with clear line of sight. And redesigned internal antennae ensure stable connection in areas with a high level of RF activity. Don’t let the small package fool you, the Wireless GO II boasts many powerful features, including universal compatibility with cameras, mobiles and computers, improved transmission and much more. Lithium-ion batteries are charged by USB and last up to seven hours, but there’s a power-saver mode, too. Wireless GO II transmitters have a built-in omnidirectional condenser

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