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Twice is right for NINJA V+

It’s a second successive win in the Gear of the Year Awards for the upgraded ATOMOS W hen the votes were counted for last year’s Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards, the compact ATOMOS NINJA V+ came out as a clear winner in the monitor/recorder category, thanks to a fast new processor that made it possible to record 8K ProRes RAW and superfast 4K/120p footage. With HDR monitoring, plus tools like waveforms and false colour, it was – and still is – the ideal accessory for the latest generation of high- bit-rate, high-bandwidth cameras. Not only allowing cameras to output over HDMI to record 8K/30p or 4K/120p for super slow-motion, it also allows users of selected cine cameras that output over SDI to use the NINJA V+ just by adding the AtomX SDI module. That enables 4K/120p ProRes RAW recording from Sony’s FX9 and FX6, for example. At the time, ATOMOS said this was just the beginning of what the NINJA V+ would be capable of, promising a raft of new products and services for this popular device. One year on, and the NINJA is part of a range of devices bringing streamlined production via the cloud for absolutely any professional camera. So it’s no wonder the NINJA V+ has been voted the winner again in our 2022 awards. One new add-on is the AtomX CAST module, which turns the NINJA into a stand-alone HDMI switcher, multiview monitor and broadcast-quality recorder.

“The NINJA V+ is part of a range of devices that bring streamlined production via the cloud”

JUST CONNECT Adding the ATOMOS CONNECT unit to the NINJA V+ turns it into a fully integrated device to support all sorts of cloud-based workflows, making the HDR touchscreen monitor/recorder the cornerstone of any production

These files can then be edited remotely and the low-res versions replaced by full resolution for final outputting. The platform has integration to Adobe’s, and ATOMOS AirGlu technology provides a wireless timecode lock for multicam post-production. Any ATOMOS network-enabled device can also livestream with free support directly to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and more. Coming soon is ATOMOS Live Production – a complete, cloud-based control room for live multicamera events – a shift in the technology required for outside broadcasts and live events. The toolset includes a fully featured video switcher and sound mixer, with video effects, graphics and talkback. So, owners of the NINJA V+ do not just get one of the very best monitors and recorders on the market. They get access to the entire ATOMOS CONNECT ecosystem, opening up a world of connected devices to become the centre of a modern and professional workflow.

Or by adding the ATOMOS CONNECT unit to any NINJA V or V+ monitor/recorder, your camera is transformed into a fully integrated device supporting modern, cloud-based workflows. It adds 12G-SDI input, ATOMOS AirGlu wireless timecode, multiple power options, plus Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth LE. How’s that for connectivity? At the heart of this technology is ATOMOS Cloud Studio, a collection of cloud and livestreaming services for ATOMOS network-connected devices. Cloud Studio offers live video production services over the internet to allow real-time collaboration on projects. It’s perfect for camera-to-cloud workflows – uploading files from ATOMOS CONNECT devices straight to cloud platforms. This system means filmmakers don’t need to offload cards during production, as low-res versions of the footage are uploaded to the cloud during shooting, letting an editing team view and work on projects immediately. A NINJA V+ with ATOMOS CONNECT records two files with matching filenames, timecode and metadata simultaneously. The full-res version is recorded to the SSD in the NINJA V+ and a bandwidth-efficient HEVC (H.265) proxy version is automatically uploaded to the cloud via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

SIMPLE STREAMING The AtomX CAST module turns the NINJA into a small but powerful switcher, ideal for easy live event broadcasting on location

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