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OCTOBER 2022 CONTENTS SHOW SPECIAL 7 IT’S FINALLY SHOWTIME! After far too long away, the massive IBC expo in Amsterdam and The Photography Show and The Video Show in Birmingham throw open their doors. 8 FUJIFILM FOR FINE DETAIL Hot on the heels of the amazing X-H2S mirrorless camera comes its bigger sibling, complete with a high-resolution Super 35 sensor for 8K video. 10 SMALLHD SHOWS THREE NEW MONITORS Screen specialist unveils a trio of five-inch touchscreens, plus the latest 65mm cinema prime lens from Sigma and The new Teradek Bolt 6 series that uses 6GHz for interruption-free transmission, along with the Tiffen Steadimate-RS gimbal accessory and a mini Red! 14 THERE IS LIFE ON MARS! This Hollyland wireless video transmission system is out of this world, along with a Nikon Z mount lens from Tamron and storage news from Seagate and PNY. 16 PANASONIC’S 4K CAMCORDER DUO First look at the latest high-resolution camcorders and a new Lumix 18mm lens. Also check out the Ovide monitor built with technology from Convergent Design. 18 FAMOUS FIVE FROM CANON A swathe of new camcorders packed with streaming tech have been released. Discover a powerful PTZ camera with advanced Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus. 20 CINE-SERVO LENS UNVEILED The CN8x15 with an EF mount, an expansion unit for Cinema EOS and a 27in professional reference monitor. some light-control grids from DoPchoice. 12 BOLT-ON WIRELESS BOOST


23 A NEW SORT OF CINEMA PRIME Samyang reveals an autofocus lens set for filmmaking, Lacie shows off new hard drives and Movietech unveils the 4x4 Dolly with four-wheel steering. 24 FULL-FRAME COMES TO PTZ Sony’s latest PTZ camera uses a big chip and E-mount lenses for a real cinematic look. 26 NANLITE’S AFFORDABLE COB LIGHT The low-priced bicolour LED, plus a Mammoth tripod from Benro and Tenba’s military range. 28 LIBEC AND RELAX HS tripod system brings all the features usually reserved for larger cameras down to mirrorless-size rigs, as well as Saramonic’s latest audio equipment.



The popular cine range gets a new entry-level mirrorless camera – the FX30. Complete with a Super 35 sensor and a body made for filmmaking, we’ve had a hands-on with the most affordable of Sony’s high-end range.



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