Pro Moviemaker October 2022 - Newsletter



Giving power to the people, Libec’s HS tripod line brings the counterbalance system usually meant for larger cinema cameras down to lighter mirrorless and DSLR machines. Based on popular Libec RS tripods and heads, the HS series is a brand-new collection. Freshly designed fluid heads with user-friendly features – such as the Perfect Balance System – enable cameras to be precisely balanced at any tilt angle you choose. These heads feature an advanced drag mechanism with smooth pan and tilt movements and improved backlash control. Plus, there’s a counterbalance meter, easy-snap on/off QR plate and an accessory port. The HS series has four fluid head models, each designed with a wide counterbalance range. The base model H15 is made to achieve seamless

balance with even the lightest mirrorless cameras, from a range of 0.8kg/1.7lb to 2kg/4.4lb. The biggest will handle 4.5kg/9.9lb to 10.5kg/23.1lb. Tripod legs start with the HS-150, while the flagship HS-450 comes with a floor- or mid-level spreader and can handle a payload of 12kg/26.5lb. The HS-150 with an H15 head costs $1009.

LIBEC FOR ALL The new HS tripod system brings high-end spec to every size of camera, from small to massive


Saramonic’s SR-MV2000 USB studio mic employs large-diaphragm cardioid technology to add rounded sound to voice-overs, broadcasts, live streams and podcasts. The £76/$71 mic is a plug-and-play solution for computers and mobile devices. It offers a range of mounting options, from a magnetic tabletop stand to a 5/8in mount for a boom arm and 3/8in adapter. An integrated 360° swing allows for quick adjustments. An input level control button also doubles as the mute key, and there’s a 3.5mm headphone output with volume control. Handily, users can switch between real-time monitoring of the recording app to latency-free mic monitoring. The mic includes both USB-A and USB-C output, but an optional adapter is needed for Apple Lightning connections.

Saramonic’s tri-pattern shotgun mic To suit a range of different subjects, Saramonic’s Vmic Mini S is a compact shotgun condenser microphone with three polar patterns. Each is selectable by a dial. There’s ASMR, which is cardioid with a focused directional pickup – ideal for quiet subjects. The second mode is 120°, also cardioid, with a wide directional pickup. Finally, 360° is omnidirectional for a more immersive sound. The £80/$89 mic is small and light, featuring integrated shock and shoe mounts with a 1/4in-20 thread that rotates 360°. It doesn’t use battery power and connects with the included 3.5mm TRS or TRRS cables. A 3.5mm headphone output enables monitoring when using smart devices or computers. Complete with a foam windscreen, it comes with a windshield and case.



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