Pro Moviemaker October 2022 - Newsletter

NEWS Famous five from Canon Five new camcorders have been unveiled

“All of these camcorders are capable of recording in 4K and streaming in HD via a USB-C connection” manageable codec of MP4 4K UHD 150Mbps at 25p – which is the largest codec the HF G70 can shoot. The four pro camcorders also have an infrared mode to capture high-quality footage in the dark, plus two XLR audio inputs with 48v phantom power and four-channel linear PCM to set the recording level and input sensitivity. Plenty of connectivity options are available through the range, for fast transmission of high-resolution video. They can all stream HD video in UVC via USB-C, and all five models also feature HDMI output with simultaneous backup and relay recording via dual SD cards, with the XA65 and XA75 offering an additional 3G-SDI output. The XA75 costs £2720/$2999 and the XA70 £2180/$2499, while the XA65 is £2090/$2299 and the XA60 £1540/$1799. The HF G70 is priced at £1089/$1249.

by Canon – four professional models in the XA60, 65, 70 and 75 as well as the prosumer HF G70 (which is called the Legria in Europe or Vixia in the US). All of these cameras are capable of recording in 4K and streaming in HD via a USB-C connection. They have advanced AF with face detection functionality and MP4 recording. The four professional models also feature the XF-AVC codec to support broadcast applications. Powered by the Digic DV6 image processor and using 1/2.3in and 1.0in CMOS sensors respectively, the XA60/65 and XA70/75 camcorders are capable of shooting 4K UHD and Full HD images. They use oversampling for the best quality when shooting HD. Matching up to the professionals in sensor quality, the HF G70 also has a 1/2.3-type CMOS and can shoot in 4K UHD and Full HD with oversampling. The XA60/65 and HF G70 offer 20x optical zoom, whereas it’s 15x for the XA70/75. All four professional models support 40x digital zoom, which totals 800x in the XA60/65 and 600x in the XA70/75. The HF G70 has 20x digital zoom – 400x all in. All five use a new, fold-out 3.5in touchscreen LCD monitor – and they have the same high-res EVF, giving you a choice of framing methods. With Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the XA70/75 models are capable of fast and accurate focusing, which couples with the Dual Pixel focus guide for manual control. The XA60/65 and HF G70, meanwhile, employ an advanced hybrid AF system. All five offer adjustable focusing speeds, controlled via the LCD display using touch to focus. The entire range of camcorders feature manual focus, which may be set by the focus/zoom ring (or the control ring on the XA70/75 lens), and all include five- axis image stabilisation to ensure shake- free footage. Either the XA60/65 or 70/75 will fit well into professional workflows, whether capturing XF-AVC 4K UHD 160Mbps at 25p for broadcast, or a smaller, more



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