Pro Moviemaker October 2022 - Newsletter


MOST AFFORDABLE RED EVER! For the filmmaker who has everything comes the Red V-Raptor camera, featuring mini V-Mount battery plate, interchangeable PL lens mount and cine lens for £267/$299. Or buy it with three lenses for £517/$579. Sadly, it’s just a desk toy from Revar Cine. It’s machined from solid aluminium and is so finely detailed that it’s been approved by Red boss Jarred Land.

Bolt-on wireless boost Teradek’s new Bolt 6 Series is a zero-delay wireless video system that uses 6GHz transmission in high-traffic environments while remaining compatible with the current Bolt 4K BB3 ecosystem. The Bolt 6 XT offers the most upgrades within the Bolt 6 family, including a redesigned form factor that’s smaller, lighter and up to 50% quieter than its Bolt 4K counterpart. Bolt 6 will also feature an integrated five-pin USB for easy camera control set-up.

The Bolt 6 employs the newly available 6GHz frequency band, in addition to the industry-standard 5GHz, reducing signal congestion. A Bolt 6 device will pair with a Bolt 4K unit on 5GHz bands. However, a Bolt 6 TX/RX combination is required for full 6GHz connectivity. All models include a long-range mode and an SDI tool to check cable integrity. Bolt 6 Max units also feature integrated flexible H antennae for longevity.

The Bolt 6 LT is a compact, lightweight solution with a 750-5000ft range like the Bolt 4K LT, and operates on the 12 U-NII 5 channels like the rest of the Bolt 6 line. It also comes in an HDMI-only version. Bolt 6 Monitor Modules offer ranges of 750-1500ft and integrate into SmallHD Smart 7 Series monitors, just like their Bolt 4K counterparts.

STEADY TIME FOR NEW TIFFEN RS The Tiffen Steadimate-RS is designed to turn the DJI RS 2, RS 3 and RS 3 Pro motorised gimbals into full, four-axis Steadicams. This new system converts a DJI gimbal into a body-worn stabiliser. It works by attaching a new mechanical gimbal and bearing to the 1/4in-20 mounting holes of the DJI products’ Nato ports, along with a weighted gimbal post extension with tunable balance adjustment. The system is completed by the choice of a spring arm and vest combination, available in 6.8kg/15lb or 13.6kg/30lb load capacity. The Steadimate-RS gimbal collar/yoke and weighted base is available separately – to use with an existing Steadicam system – for a total of £345/$395.


will instantly be uploaded to Sony’s C3 Portal once filming finishes. Prism Flex is a tabletop H.264/H.265 encoder/decoder that provides live and point-to-point streaming to any destination in up to 4K HDR. Serv 4K is an all-in-one production streaming solution with a simplified interface to manage 4K HDR images in real time. This is the second integration between Sony and Teradek, following a file upload linkage from Teradek’s encoders to Sony’s Ci Media Cloud.

Sony’s cloud-based C3 Portal now fully integrates with Teradek’s Prism Flex and Serv 4K. C3 Portal is a camera-to-cloud service designed for professional newsgathering and natively integrates with Teradek’s 4K HDR encoding solutions. Files can be uploaded from Sony’s cameras on location to the edit suite using the C3 Portal through Teradek’s encoders. Teradek devices will automatically detect when the camera is recording, triggering a local recording on the encoder that



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