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Five go live from SmallHD

SmallHD has revealed its Smart 5 monitor series, comprising the Ultra 5, Cine 5 and Indie 5 touchscreen displays. Including two additional wireless versions of the Ultra 5, these compact five-inch monitors are all powered by the PageOS 5 software toolkit, which includes exposure assist functions, waveforms and false colour. This series was designed with the same quality and functionality of SmallHD’s seven-inch Smart 7 and Ultrabright Series. They give full camera control for Arri, Red and Sony Venice. Ultra, Cine and Indie Smart 5 monitors provide three tiers of brightness and physical control options to match a range of on-set workflows. All have multi-touch interfaces, but the Cine 5 adds a joystick and back button control, and the 3000-nit Ultra 5 offers extra customisable function buttons. Each aluminium body monitor has multiple mounting points. The £2280/$2199 Ultra 5’s touchscreen has front-facing physical buttons, for maximum control in cold weather while wearing gloves. It has a brightness level of 3000 nits, two 3G-SDI ports and two HDMI 2.0 sockets, an Ethernet port for optional Arri and Sony Venice camera control, a locking power connector and a locking five-pin USB for Red camera control. SmallHD and Teradek have joined forces to integrate the new Bolt 6 wireless SIGMA TURNS 65 A 65mm cine lens is being introduced by Sigma, in both its full-frame High Speed line as a T1.5 and also a T.2.5 optic in the vintage-style Classic range. Both share an optical design, but the Classic optic uses uncoated lens elements for a low-contrast image with beautiful flare and ghosting effects. The Classic lens only comes in PL fit with /i Technology built in, while the standard prime also comes in Canon EF and Sony E-mount options. No prices have yet been announced. The lenses use nine rounded diaphragm blades, have a minimum close focus of 65cm/28in and an 86mm filter thread. The PL mount versions are 120.6mm/4.8in long, but weights haven’t been revealed.

The £1658/$1599 Cine 5 combines a touchscreen with a side-mounted joystick and back button, 2000 nits of brightness, 3G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 and a five-pin locking USB for Red camera control. The £1347/$1299 Indie 5 offers a touchscreen-only interface, providing 1000 nits of brightness, 3G-SDI HDMI 2.0 and a micro USB for Red camera control. GOING OFF THE GRID DoPchoice has introduced light modifiers for Astera and Prolights. For Prolights’ ECL Softlinear, there’s a 50° Snapgrid, plus a 40° Snapgrid for Prolights’ EclPanel TWCXL. The 40° Snapgrid slips on the EclPanel via elastic straps for instant light control. DoPchoice will soon offer the new Fat-Rabbit Frame and 8ft Double-Hex Snapbag for this fixture. DoPchoice also has a range of light modifiers for the Astera HydraPanel.

technology into the Ultra 5 monitor, creating the Ultra 5 Bolt 6 RX 750 and Ultra 5 Bolt 6 TX 750. These have 6GHz connectivity, eliminating the need for additional cables or batteries. RX monitors are available with integrated Gold or V-Mount power, and all Ultra 5 wireless monitors are fully compatible with Bolt 4K devices over the 5GHz band.

A focal length of 65mm is relatively uncommon and marks the 11th optic in Sigma’s cine prime range. Until now, standard cine primes have been available individually, but the Classic range only as a set of ten. Sigma will now sell these individually.



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