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Sustainability is taking centre stage at some of the region’s most innovative housing developments

nsuring that your home is energy-efficient may well be a no-brainer when it comes to saving money, but nowadays, it’s also

homebuilders are putting plans in place to ensure your home can stand the test of time. Award-winning developer Laragh has begun bringing sustainability to the forefront of its developments, creating beautifully customised and distinctive homes with enduring value. “We have been working carefully on our current developments to ensure they provide strong environmental and sustainable construction methods and solutions,” says John Lorimer, development director at Laragh Homes. “The environment we live in and the Earth’s climate are of paramount importance to us all, and we at Laragh are trying to ensure that we do our piece in consideration of this.” Putting these words into action, Laragh employs a number of sustainable methods throughout its schemes, including air source heat pumps (ASHP), rainwater harvesting goods, solar panels and electric car charging points. Increasingly, developers are concerning themselves with sustainability in the early phases of construction. Creating factory-built and architect- designed properties at its new development in Northstowe, modern housebuilder House by Urban Splash uses cutting-edge methods of construction to produce homes that are ‘green by default’. Usually reserved for self-build houses, the ‘green’ homes at Northstowe are an example of House by Urban Splash’s commitment to reaching its goal of producing zero-carbon housing in the future, incorporating elements such as high-quality insulation, super energy-efficient windows, LED lighting and hot water cylinders featuring integrated ASHPs.

becoming increasingly important with regards to preserving the planet. Building new homes to accommodate our ever-growing population means delving into our dwindling natural energy resources, placing sustainability in the spotlight as concerns regarding environmental impact and climate change grow. And with the future looking more uncertain than ever, it’s reassuring to hear that several local

BELOW House by Urban Splash’s Town Houses are built to high energy efficiency standards

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