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Saying you work on IoT is a bit like saying you work on the web. Everyone uses the web and, in the same way, pretty much every company uses a form of IoT"

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solve people’s problems,” she says. “But when you try to transfer a new technology, you often find the infrastructure to enable connectivity isn’t available locally, or that people are not trained to use it. When you’re in a lab, you come up with great solutions but forget that someone has to use them. I drew on this experience from my past life and brought it into Camnexus.” To get around this problem, Camnexus delivers a fully integrated IoT network, with sensors to collect

information, and a long-range connectivity solution that can deliver information from these sensors back to a cloud-based data management and analytics platform. Founded in 2017, the company has installed four pilot networks with the help of funding and support from government innovation agency Innovate UK and Cambridge University. “We are working with a water utility company in South America that’s using our system to monitor flooding

in its water distribution network,” Jessica says. “We also have three test networks in Brazil , working with the agricultural sector to support rice production, as well as the water agency there to monitor water quality, because there is a close relationship between water, food and energy sectors.” The Camnexus system also has the potential to solve problems closer to home. “Over the last year, we’ve been refining and reinforcing our mission. It’s made us realise the ‘digital gap’ is not a minimal one – it’s not just an issue for developing nations, but something we have to deal with in the UK, too,” explains Jessica. “We’re now aiming to do a pilot project with another energy company to help monitor consumption in real time and help local users to better use their energy. In this way, our technology can be used to deliver sustainability. It’s a green and a smart solution,” says Jessica. “It’s been a challenge, but I’ve enjoyed running the company so far, and it’s made me realise that if you’re in the right place, like Cambridge, and have the right people around you, you can make an impact.”

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