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The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) ensures the safety of its drivers; this translates to its media asset management. Sony’s Ci Media Cloud platform supports the NHRA’s global production workflows, allowing teams to ingest race footage, remotely edit files and deliver final assets under tight deadlines. The NHRA broadcasts events on Fox Sports and other Fox networks, as well as social HOT FOR SONY CI

media. The team also manages in-venue experiences, post- match shows and marketing content, as well as a FAST channel. “We’re dealing with multiple days of event footage,” said Megan Sewell, director of post-production at the NHRA, which all comes via Sony Ci. The software also lets the NHRA upload footage straight away, which proves invaluable for high-profile moments. “Timeliness is everything,”

said Nykki Schele, the NHRA’s senior social media manager. The NHRA has been using Ci since 2017, reaping benefits such as uploading and storing content, feeding in live signals, logging timecodes, delivering footage and automating much of the above. “To say we’ve scratched the surface of what Ci can do is an understatement,” commented Stephen Reintjes, the NHRA’s vice president of broadcasting.

RELO METRICS BACKS BRITISH BASKETBALL Relo Metrics (formerly Gum Gum Sports), an AI-powered analytics platform, is teaming up with the British Basketball League as its official brand valuation partner. As such, Relo will provide social media and broadcast analytics to the League’s interested and existing sponsors until the end of the 2023/24 season. Since 1987, the League has represented the highest level of men’s professional basketball in the UK. It consists of ten teams situated in major cities throughout the country, including London, Manchester and Newcastle. As a rapidly growing federation, the League places high value on sponsorship revenue, which allows it to gather a global audience.

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