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Joe Ramsden, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), 360° livestreamed his experience running the 2024 TCS London Marathon – the first to ever do so. With help from LiveU, Transmission TX and the Grip Company, Ramsden managed to finish the race. “It was incredibly tough, but I did it!” he enthused. Three years prior to the 2024 Marathon, Ramsden was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS, having lost the use of his left arm. He’s since regained use of that arm, but his MS continues. Ramsden livestreamed the London Marathon to shine a light on his own struggle. “I wanted to find a way of showing what it looks like when people are having a really rough time; we shouldn’t hide away from those things. I wanted to inspire people,” he said. After contacting LiveU, the company supplied an LU300S, a portable 4G/5G field unit that facilitated live coverage on the go, and LiveU Studio, which allowed Ramsden to stream directly to YouTube. Meanwhile, Transmission X offered video and audio equipment, while the Grip Company developed a bespoke rig, keeping in mind the added fatigue of running 26.2 miles. “In a heartbeat, I knew we could help and we are very, very pleased to do so,” said Matt Stringer, LiveU’s sales director. RUNNER WITH MS LIVESTREAMS LONDON MARATHON


Panasonic Connect is set to supply pro- grade displays, projection systems and broadcast production equipment to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games this summer in Paris. The company’s Kairos platform will deliver video content to LED screens across almost every venue – of which there are 26 – while remote cameras will connect all 29 press rooms at the Main Press Centre.

allocation and thus the event’s overall carbon footprint. For over 30 years, Panasonic has provided audio-visual solutions to the Games, starting with Barcelona 1992. A Worldwide Olympic Partner, Worldwide Paralympic Partner and charter member of the Olympic Partner Programme, Panasonic is committed to equality, especially in athletic competition.

Plus, Panasonic will install 130 laser projectors, including the world’s smallest and lightest model, reducing resource

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