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CHANNEL 4’S YOUTUBE TO STREAM PARALYMPICS Holder of the UK rights to the Paralympic Games since 2012, Channel 4 will air this summer’s Parisian tournament via its YouTube channel, delivering up to 18 concurrent streams and more than 1300 hours of live coverage. Channel 4 hopes to become the first public service streamer to double its views through social media. The recent Formula 1 race in Miami saw the largest US audience in the league’s history. Broadcast by Disney-owned ABC, the Miami MIAMI GRAND PRIX RACES PAST RECORDS ROKU STREAMS MLB FOR FREE ONCE A WEEK Grand Prix pulled 3.1 million US viewers, who watched Lando Norris (McLaren) beat decorated driver Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) in his first-ever F1 win. The Roku Channel has secured rights to the Major League Baseball (MLB) Sunday Leadoff games until 15 September, streaming them to viewers, for free, once a week. Roku has also launched its very own MLB zone, which offers highlights, schedules and nightly recaps via the FAST channel. FLASH!


Germany’s Baden-Württemberg and Westdeutscher Basketball Associations (BBW and WBV, respectively) have opted for Pixellot as their official AI camera system – meaning more than 600 women’s clubs will have access to the state-of- the-art technology. The cameras will be used in multiple venues to cover practices and matches, automate highlights, create clips and more, allowing players to review their performance while simultaneously appealing to sponsors.

BBW and WBV are dedicated to fostering community and promoting equal opportunity. Girls’ and women’s basketball are on the rise in Germany, with WBV experiencing a 20% annual growth rate. Thanks to Pixellot, coaches and referees will have the support of professional-grade analytics to improve gameplay and further expand the clubs’ impact. A true game changer for Germany’s local and regional basketball, Pixellot’s AI-driven, accessible solutions make sport more engaging at every level.



Vivaro Media has selected Oslo- based Appear to support its live coverage of a ‘major sporting event’ happening this summer. Vivaro, which supplies AV content to Latin American broadcasters and service providers, will deploy Appear’s X20 Platform to decode over 30 HD channels during the Parisian competition, ensuring fans remain connected throughout.

The X20 Platform will replace Vivaro’s SDI equipment, relying on technologies such as 2022-7, 2110 and NMOS to deliver low-latency signals. “Investing in the X20 Platform reflects Vivaro Media’s commitment to delivering resilient, adaptable and secure live media processing – perfectly suited for a global audience,” said Luis Perez, Appear’s sales director, Latam.

The latest update to Vizrt’s flagship highlight enhancement tool, Viz Libero 8.3, introduces the ability to crop video to various aspect ratios from one interface, streamlining sports social media publishing. This feature addition furthers Viz Libero as a go-to for content creation, allowing its customers to reach even more audiences.

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