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XPRESS YOURSELF The release of Raiden brings weather graphics to the XPression toolbox and seamlessly integrates with already-existing production workflows through an intuitive web-based tool. This allows meteorologists to collaborate with both producers and designers to prepare weather and climate content anywhere.

old system. Our news and weather teams now collaborate much more effectively to produce higher-quality content. The ability to access and prepare content from anywhere has made the team’s job easier.” Other key features include: ■ Data agnostic: Seamless integration with various data sources ensures compatibility with various forecasting models. Forecast editing capabilities allow meteorologists to fine-tune predictions as needed. ■ Forecast animations: Dynamic 3D maps and customisable annotations for enhanced visual presentation at forecasts. ■ Flexible hosting options: Different hosting options are available – including on-premises, virtual, hybrid and cloud-hosting to support different organisational preferences, security requirements and scalability needs. “Our biggest goal is to make virtual solutions more accessible to everyone, building tools which allow users to create content quickly,” surmises Paquin. “We aim to provide an experience where someone can sit down and decide they want to build something today, then be able to easily turn it around.” To learn more about Ross Video’s portfolio of virtual solutions, head to rossvideo.com

VIRTUAL SKIES A user-friendly web interface allows weather reports to be built anywhere with an internet connection


“You can use the data we collect, build timelines and tie it into existing weather graphics. Plus, you can use it for an event – for example, if there was a football game that night and you wanted to include the weather’s impact during the sports segment, that is now easily done,” adds Paquin. Head of production at Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, Gisli Berg, was an early user of the new Raiden technology. He comments: “Raiden has transformed our approach to weather storytelling by removing the limitations of our

data into a familiar interface and make it something which is easy to use every day.” Raiden’s powerful toolset enables meteorologists and content creators to produce captivating weather narratives. Here’s a breakdown of how it works: ■ Powerful data aggregation: Raiden seamlessly acquires, processes and visualises preferred weather data from a wide range of sources, integrating the XPression graphics engine. ■ An intuitive story creation tool: A user-friendly web-based interface enables users to quickly build or update a weather story and rundown from anywhere for live production. ■ Integrated graphics system: An XPression Plugin with Datalinq


enables broadcasters to both design and operate news and weather content from a single graphics engine.


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