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What is the company’s origin story? Lokvox began with discussions among like-minded music professionals hell-bent on combating AI piracy by protecting voice actors’ IP. The team soon realised voice actors were just the tip of the iceberg; anyone recording audio without any digital protections or ability to track and trace was putting future careers and income at risk. Everyone has seen the viral videos of people putting one famous artist’s likeness over another one’s track. It’s quite impressive and, at times, downright scary. As AI, machine learning and voice synthesis emerged as the future dominant forces in the creative industry, the team’s initial discussions turned into the foundation of Lokvox. Like a fingerprint, everyone’s voice is unique, so the company built a suite of products to help everyone – recording artists, actors, entertainment representatives and even politicians or critical people of influence. What is it working on right now? Lokvox is preparing to roll out two macro products consisting of its high- quality voice print model, along with its audio watermarking tool that cannot be removed or attacked. The voice print provides a solution to combat use of synthetic versions of one’s voice such as AI copies, while the watermark can be attached and then tracked in real time – helping with takedown requests and future monetisation opportunities. This combination of tools can then be used to integrate into pre-existing platforms as custom applications, VST plug-ins and dedicated enterprise solutions via API integration. What is the next step? Lokvox is currently in the middle of demoing its beta products to ensure the solutions meet the needs of clients based on their feedback. This is a crucial phase, as Lokvox is working with valuable IP which requires a secure pipeline/server solution. What one thing does the company need most? The team are always seeking ethically sourced vocal audio at this time, preferably direct from the artists themselves, perhaps through a strategic partnership with Nava. This helps them continue training the AI model by providing high-quality audio content from professionals in the voice acting industry, which will keep AI cloning and piracy at bay for the coming future. AI is exponential, and as the team at Lokvox like to say, they are moving at the speed of AI to ensure everyone has the security solutions ready to stop AI piracy right in its tracks.

Elle Mannes, Tim Friedlander, Christine Gallagher, Joe Gazzola



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