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Organisations that resist new technologies always run the risk of being left behind. As generative AI grows in scope, Qvest advises on how best to integrate it into your workflow

ease,” Glänzel continues. “That being true for text, image, audio and even video creates endless opportunities for new ways of production.” NEW KID ON THE BLOCK Text-to-image and text-to-video technologies are rewriting the rules of content creation. For journalists, screenwriters, photographers, film directors and many more, AI poses a potential threat – but when viewed holistically, it also presents unlimited opportunities. “The areas impacted the most are clearly content creation and viewer interaction,” confirms Glänzel. “Here, we see many ways for creators to produce new content and engage with their audiences. The localisation of content is also undergoing a dramatic change, using GenAI solutions for translation, voice generation and avatar creation, and allowing content owners to access new markets.” For individuals and organisations who are responsible for producing and distributing content, there are some clear ethical implications to using generative AI. “With the improvement of GenAI solutions, the possibility of creating convincing misinformation is greater than ever,” says Glänzel. “Having a transparency policy as a content creator – about which content was created by AI or with the help of AI – should be the foundation for a trusting relationship with the audience.” And there is an additional onus on news and media outlets to avoid the spread of misinformation in general: “They need to be extremely diligent,” argues Glänzel. Other critical risks include issues over data privacy, bias and intellectual property rights.

I n relative terms, artificial power it potentially holds. With the rise of programs such as ChatGPT and Sora, it’s no wonder why; AI can permanently alter media production as we know it. As the dust settles on AI-driven mania, it’s becoming increasingly clear that, when used strategically, the technology can have numerous benefits to business operations, from creating more efficient workflows to reducing needless costs. Qvest, a leader and industry ally in digital transformation, has been following AI’s evolution for years while helping clients adjust to media’s ‘new norm.’ “While AI has been present in intelligence has only recently started to dominate headlines, conversations and conferences, leaving some feeling hopeful and others sceptical over the technology – still arguably in its infancy – and the transformative the media landscape for quite some time, it has mainly been employed to enrich metadata through analysis and tagging,” begins Philipp Glänzel, CTO and general manager of Qvest MENA. “Now, with GenAI, we are seeing massive disruption. “GenAI has introduced the ability to generate content with relative

MIND-BENDING The capabilities of AI can be eye- opening. Qvest is here to help you break it down


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