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STRADA CEO: Michael Cioni

What is the company’s origin story? Brothers Michael and Peter Cioni left their roles at Adobe and Netflix (respectively) to build a new company, following a hunch that the greatest opportunity for creative professionals brought by machine learning (ML) is not generative AI, but intelligent workflow automation for content creators. They’re building Strada in public – sharing the entire process in full view of everyone… even competitors! The Cionis created their YouTube series Starting a Startup , followed by Building an Alpha , documenting how they have navigated all the pitfalls and successes. Strada’s series is packed with invaluable tips for any entrepreneur – new or seasoned – looking to launch their next business, uncovering a goldmine of information. What is it working on right now? The company is working on building out its namesake product, Strada, which removes complexities and inefficiencies for professional content creators. Strada automates tedious, repetitive tasks, simplifies workflows, improves search and increases delivery speeds to help storytellers in every market segment save money and time, and improve creative control over workflows. With features such as multicloud connect, multicam playback, AI transcription, AI translation, cluster transcoding and AI clip tagging, Strada delivers a new way to work from an intuitive browser interface. Strada combines custom-built tools with automation and AI to unlock workflows previously not possible. It integrates AI and ML models alongside inventive automators, allowing users to perform numerous tasks faster than any other off-the-shelf tool. Strada prioritises five main functions: transfer, transcribe, translate, transcode and tag/analyse (dubbed ‘tanalyse’). These functions can unlock thousands of capabilities for users to revolutionise how they make content. What is the next step? Strada recently debuted its platform at NAB Show, where it secured three engineering and product awards including an NAB Product of the Year for the asset management, automation and playout category. The Strada team conducted hundreds of product demos, allowing them to capture valuable data about what potential customers want to see next. What one thing does the company need most? Now that it has established a product market fit for creative professionals, Strada wants to raise more money to expand its headcount and build the features its early customers have requested.




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