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PRODUCTION Clear-Com covers solar eclipse

On 8 April 2024, North Americans gathered to watch the solar eclipse: a rare astronomical event that occurs once every few decades. Clear-Com’s solutions helped NBC KXAS and Telemundo KXTX cover the excitement through live broadcasts from Dallas, Texas. Clear-Com’s aptly named Eclipse HX Digital Matrix intercom system and Agent-IC mobile app played a pivotal role in providing eclipse coverage, allowing broadcasters to coordinate and communicate in real time – and not miss

a potentially once-in-a-lifetime event. Broadcasters were on the ground at Dallas’ Reunion Tower, witnessing the natural phenomenon alongside the general public, and feeding back to an off-site studio. “We utilised Clear-Com’s solutions to facilitate 28 live shots, seamlessly transmitting content back to our studios,” said Martin Dzurenko, engineer at NBC KXAS and Telemundo KXTX. “Clear-Com’s technology allowed us to capture the pure magic of this celestial event and share it with audiences worldwide.”



AI and video search company Newsbridge has officially changed its name to Moments Lab. The shift coincides with an all-around rebrand that more accurately represents the company’s mission: to help organisations tell stories and ‘identify the most impactful moments.’ Moments Lab has also unveiled upgrades to its patented AI indexing model MXT-1.5, which furthers this stated goal.


Nikon has completed its acquisition of Red Digital Cinema. Now a wholly owned subsidiary, Red provides digital cinema cameras and award-winning technologies to filmmakers, broadcasters and other operators. Nikon has largely maintained Red’s leadership, with former executive VP Tommy Rios now co-CEO and president Jarred Land and founder James Jannard serving as company advisors. Accedo has supported ITV in bringing its streaming service ITVX to Playstation 4 and 5 consoles. The multi-tiered platform combines live linear content with VOD and FAST channels. With 40 million registered users, ITVX’s launch on Playstation devices makes ITV programming available to an even wider audience that likely includes younger viewers. VOD ITVX AVAILABLE ON PLAYSTATION 4 AND 5 NIKON COMPLETES RED ACQUISITION

AI Gen AI enhances Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has announced the latest version of generative AI to hit Photoshop, including a suite of new features like Generate Image, Background and Similar, Enhance Detail, as well as improvements to Generative Fill and more.

Generate Image is relatively simple, taking a written prompt and visualising it, while Generative Fill lets users provide a reference image that aligns with the imagined result. Generate Similar offers relevant variations of an

existing image, while Generate Background fills the background with new content; Enhance Detail improves clarity. The AI additions aim to speed up the editing process, allow creators to add variation and make their lives easier.


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