FEED Summer 2024 Web

No live production sector has pushed the boundaries of tech over the past decade more than esports, which has persistently produced a unique fan experience. From virtual production and augmented reality (AR) to AI and machine learning, esports productions in competitive online gaming eagerly embrace and enhance innovative advances. As esports grow in popularity, tournament producers face the challenging task of creating the

most immersive experiences to keep their huge fanbase engaged. Through in-game replays, content management, disruptive live switching and digital publishing, technology helps producers bring live storytelling of the highest standards to informed and passionate audiences. Producers are not constrained by the limitations of traditional sports coverage. In the digital-native games ecosystem, everything can or should be augmented, enhanced, explained

and shared across platforms instantly. A key factor setting esports apart from traditional broadcast is the viewing medium; much of the content is consumed via mobile and digital devices. In esports, the traditional TV lean-back is not the predominant viewing experience. Immersive audio is, to date, not a feature of esports owing to distribution platforms. The way viewers consume esports is unique: mobile or PC screen and on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.


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