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“We’ve worked with CVP for as long as I can remember, and there are some huge benefits. They have a lovely showroom in Fitzrovia, London, where you can try all the kit you could possibly want. They also have a huge stock and can get it to you incredibly fast. Their experts always find the solutions we need.” Even with everything in place, executing a broadcast is no easy feat. The live esports environment doesn’t make for effortless recording. “You need it to look spectacular for the online audience – which will be huge – but you also have an in-room audience and need to wow them with

a live show,” Duckhouse remarks. “It’s like cramming everything from a Super Bowl event into a small arena. It’s very easy to make the room look incredible with plenty of brightness, contrast and dynamics – but that often doesn’t look best on camera. What you need is a much lower LED volume output and careful balancing of lights. The requirements of camera systems and lenses are key there.” But far more goes on at Confetti than in a standard studio. While its students are exposed to the variety of industry-standard kit in a controlled space, they also work frequently on live, paid broadcasts. Again, the role

For all your broadcast solutions, trust one of Europe’s leading providers. Learn more at cvp.com before they finish – in the esports industry or wider broadcast. That’s an amazing figure.” “As well as opening up that talent stream, we can look to partners like CVP to shape what we teach. We always ask: ‘If you hired a Confetti graduate, what would you need to teach them first? What are they missing’? Then, we update the course content. We’re grateful for that insight. “Every graduate of our programme is in employment,” Duckhouse says. “Many of them are actually employed of trusted partners like CVP proves invaluable here. “The whole point of our esports broadcasting programme is to remove as many barriers as we can between the students and their chosen job market. Our product, if you boil it down, is engineers; that’s what we produce. In addition to the skills we teach, vendors we work with directly – such as CVP – are incredibly important,” Duckhouse enthuses. “Just this week, CVP is hosting an esports conference in London. Many of our students are working there right alongside the experts, being exposed to its other customers. That’s exactly where we want to get them.

LEVEL UP Confetti students gain hands-on experience with

the live, paid broadcasting programme –

bridging the gap in the job market


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